Synchronizing the internet – piece by piece

PieSync is crafted with love by our team in Ghent, Belgium. Want to get in touch?

Mattias Putman

Founder & Lead Developer

Mattias is a coding wonder and the man behind the original idea.

He is the biggest nerd at PieSync and defaults his answers with “just check the source code”.

Ewout Meyns

Founder & Business Developer

Ewout is straight-forward and direct. He makes sure we keep moving forward.

He’s a friendly chap and never fails to motivate the team to perform at their best.

Ewout Van Troostenberghe

Platform Lead

Ewout isn't afraid to mix things up and look at them from a totally different angle.

In Haskell he's a "Problem → Solution" function whereas most developers are a "Problem → Maybe Solution" function.

Lennart Schoors

Design & front-end development

Lennart is a seasoned freelancer who helps out startup teams with their design and frontend code.

He’s in charge of the PieSync interface and style, and this very website.

David Verhasselt

UX & Front-End

David is a web developer with strong skills in Ruby on Rails, UX design and Javascript.

He values maintainability and reliability for extra-solid web applications and strongly believes that Estonia is the next Silicon Valley.

Annelien Van Uytsel

Customer Success & Marketing

Annelien is radiant with positive energy. As a former teacher she relentlessly dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

Always looking to improve, she keeps everyone on their toes.

Dirk Vermunicht

Business Advisor

Dirk is a veteran in doing business. He’s a hard man to bargain with but a kind man to work with.

Don’t ever confront him for a staredown, you’ll lose.

Anne-sophie Delbecque


Anne-sophie has a thing for numbers. She makes sure they fit like a glove.

Next to that, she brings in the much needed feminine perspective at PieSync.


You? Interested in working at PieSync? We’re always looking for interesting profiles to complement the team.

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