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We may seem to provide the same services and compete with each other, but we are actually very different. Find out how…

In fact, PieSync is the answer to the first 3 questions on Zapier's FAQ page:


Can you fully sync my data between two apps?

Zapier doesn't currently offer two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution and most supported apps don't have triggers for updated data.

Yes, in both directions. Conflicting data is merged in a controlled way – fields will never be overwritten.


If I update something in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?

In most cases, no. (...)

Yes. PieSync constantly monitors the records in both web apps, and when it detects changes, it updates the data in the other app too, keeping everything in sync.


Do you work with existing data? (i.e. data that existed prior to making a Zap...)

Data that was created before your Zap was turned On will not be acted upon.

Yes. During the initial sync we match the existing, historical data between the two systems.

PieSync is lovingly crafted for one reason: to provide a full, bi-directional sync between apps. While Zapier is certainly a great tool to add info from one app into another, we are both at our best when used with the right goal in mind.

Read more on our blog post about Piesync vs Zapier.


Pushing data to web apps

Zapier is more about 'zapping' data from one app into another, automatically adding information to help you automate tedious tasks. It works with many apps but has limited, one-directional synchronization.

Synchronizing web apps

PieSync focuses on bringing web apps together by fully syncing data between apps, automagically letting you work with the same data in different apps. It is designed to synchronize contacts, events and tasks in both directions.

When to choose Zapier?

• If you need a straightforward if-this-then-that scenario, like a message appearing in the company chat every time somebody signs up for your newsletter.

• When you don't need the apps to talk to each other in both directions.

For one-way one-time actions, Zapier is great.

When to choose PieSync?

• If you want to work with the same, correct and updated information in different apps simultaneously. Like in teams, or working remotely and on mobile.

• When you need duplicate prevention, data merging and updates on both sides.

For two-way, continuously synced integration, PieSync is the way to go.

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