Synchronising the internet - piece by piece

PieSync is crafted with love by our team in Ghent, Belgium. Want to get in touch?

Ewout Meyns

Founder & CEO

Ewout is straight-forward and direct. He makes sure we keep moving forward.

He’s a friendly chap and never fails to motivate the team to perform at their best.

Mattias Putman

Founder & CTO

Mattias is a coding wonder and the man behind the original idea.

He is the biggest nerd at PieSync and defaults his answers with “just check the source code”.

Aron Gosselin

Partner Program Manager

Aron is the youngest member of the Piesync family.

Aron loves connecting with other software partners to support in PieSync's growth and goal to sync all SaaS apps!

Asad Zulfahri

Head of SEO & Marketing

Asad has over a decade of SEO experience and currently leads our organic acquisition strategy. He's worked with well-known tech companies like Monster Worldwide, Zapier, Tray, and many other top Silicon Valley companies.

He's an insatiable world traveler with at least 150 cities under his belt and advocates the remote work culture.

Barbara Van Grembergen

Human Capital Manager

Barbara’s mission is to hire talented professionals and turn them into piesyncers. This hands-on HR manager addresses her colleagues with a big smile to help them reach out their full potential. When she is not at the office, she runs a taxi service for her kids and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking.

Claudia Martinez

Marketing Manager

Claudia helps the Marketing team by producing awesome blogs, case studies, ebooks, and newsletters. This tech-savvy writer is constantly searching for that great story behind a use case. She loves working with our partners to create unique co-marketing campaigns.

She flew all the way from Venezuela to work with us. This retired surfer is full of energy and creativity.

Dani Hickman

Customer Support Specialist

Dani is our friendly and patient Customer Support Specialist who is passionate about solving for the customer. She believes everyone learns differently, so it is crucial to be understanding and adaptable.

She loves traveling the world, discovering new restaurants, fitness, and athletics.

Ewout Van Troostenberghe

Platform Lead

Ewout isn't afraid to mix things up and look at them from a totally different angle.

In Haskell he's a "Problem → Solution" function whereas most developers are a "Problem → Maybe Solution" function.

Frans Leys

Sales Engineer

In large organizations, setting up multiple data syncs is not always easy as pie. Frans to the rescue to assist customers and clearly communicate where PieSync can help.

He also likes to play guitar, gets excited on quiz nights and is devoted to learning a new factoid every day.

Frederik Galle

Platform Engineer

Frederik is a platform engineer with a strong interest in big data. At PieSync, he builds analysis & monitoring tools for the platform.

Working remotely from the beaches of Australia, he takes every opportunity to travel.

Jan Bogaert

Customer Support Officer

Jan is our calm and friendly Customer Support Officer who is always going great lengths to provide you with the best care there is to find.

When Jan is not standing in the kitchen, he is either watching Netflix, reading or singing serenades for his better half.

Jo Jacobs

Office Manager

Jo is integral to the cohesive vibe that exists at PieSync. Her friendly, eager to help attitude ensures that we are well taken care of and happy. She’s responsible for organising all of the daily activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office. We don’t know how we managed without her for so long!

She adores her family and friends and is always ready for adventures.

Jonas Rasschaert

Head of Customer Success

Jonas is our friendly customer support lead, always ready to help you with your most pressing questions.

If he isn’t busy cycling, snowboarding, surfing, or crossfitting, he’s splitting his time between Ghent, Rotterdam and Germany.

Lode Van Dijcke

Integration Engineer

Lode is a very thoughtful employee. He even studied bio-informatics just to analyse how special the PieSync DNA is (his conclusion: it is pretty awesome).

When he's not bringing his enthuasiasm and motivation to the workplace, he's likely meeting up with friends to play cards, watch sports or participate in some local quiz.

Luna Campos

Digital Content Marketer

Luna is a writer and editor with experience in tech & creative media. She has come from Brazil to London to Ghent to join the PieSync team and sprinkle it with a bit of extra magic. She lives and breathes words, and uses her creativity and quirkiness to create amazing content for PieSync on all fronts.

She's also a cat lover, rock'n'roll fan, amateur tarot reader and a massive literature nerd.

Mary Barba

Customer Support Specialist

Mary thrives as HubSpot's pioneer Customer Support Specialist based out of the United States who’s fervently serving PieSync’s customers. Mary is a self-proclaimed "philomath" (a lover of learning) with a fanatic-level admiration of all things SaaS, tech, and Inbound.

In her spare time, you can find Mary dreaming of being Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation and spending countless hours with her family, friends, and dogs.

Mawghan McCabe

Director of Strategic Alliances

Mawghan is passionate about partnering up with amazing people and companies so it only makes sense for her to work on building out the PieSync Expert Partner program.

She loves all things Digital, Travel, Horses and Sailing. TedTalk Addict.

Maxim Valcke

Product/Platform Engineer

Maxim has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He'd transpile OCaml to Javascript and back just for fun.

When he's not coding, he likes to play piano and practice his Spanish, sometimes simultaneously.

Nathalie Oostvogels

Platform Engineer

Nathalie is passionate about cool programming languages and strict type systems, which is why she is a perfect fit for our development team.

When she's not building programs, she is probably building Lego sets and (digital) roller coasters.

Peter De Berdt

UX & Front-End Lead

Peter is PieSync’s most valued UX & Front End coder. He believes in transparency and good food.

He also enjoys drinking quality champagne with his co-workers.

Pim Ligthart

Customer Support Officer

Pim is our friendly and helpful Customer Support Officer, always trying to answer your questions with the speed of light. His positivity makes life easier at PieSync.

He loves travelling, collecting vinyl records, playing guitar and has a strange obsession for national flags.

Ruben Camerlynck

Growth Marketeer

Ruben has a background in Product Development but quickly realized that growth marketing is his true passion. He’s helped multiple SaaS start-ups grow over the last couple of years. He spends most of his time in the Swiss Alps where he balances his digital life with climbing, snowboarding, paragliding and mountaineering.

Sarah Mouton

Partner Success Manager

Sarah builds successful connections with our software partners on a daily basis. She is naturally curious to learn new things and loves to be active: traveling, skiing, running, hiking … She also likes to cook, read and spend time with her family and friends.

Tycho Holmens

Customer Support Officer

Tycho’s patience and his good eye for detail make an excellent match in his job as a Customer Support Officer. He also finds great satisfaction in helping others. A smile or a simple thank you is all he asks in return.

He loves exploring foreign places, appreciates a clever joke and is always in the mood for some fine 70’s & 80’s tunes.

Ward Van Assche

Product/Platform Engineer

Ward is a calm guy who knows his stuff. He really gets the fun in functional programming.

In his spare time, Ward climbs mountains like a boss and gets parties started with his bass.

Wout De Geyter

Integration Lead

Wout a.k.a "The Machine" learns fast and knows how to get things done, no matter what. He's not afraid to get in the trenches to keep things moving.

After hours, he likes a cold Belgian beer whilst being a responsible father.


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