Synchronising the internet - piece by piece

PieSync is crafted with love by our team in Ghent, Belgium. Want to get in touch?

Ewout Meyns

Founder & CEO

Ewout is straight-forward and direct. He makes sure we keep moving forward.

He’s a friendly chap and never fails to motivate the team to perform at their best.

Mattias Putman

Founder & CTO

Mattias is a coding wonder and the man behind the original idea.

He is the biggest nerd at PieSync and defaults his answers with “just check the source code”.

Aron Gosselin

Business Development & Partners

Aron is the youngest member of the Piesync family.

Aron loves connecting with other software partners to support in PieSync's growth and goal to sync all SaaS apps!

Beerend Lauwers

Platform Engineer

Beerend is a passionate Haskell developer who can appreciate both a good stack and a good steak. A father and a husband, he spends his time with his adorable children, his beautiful wife, his awesome video games, and his power-guzzling 22U-rack homelab.

Ben Kochavy

Growth Marketeer

Ben is our growth machine who does not shut up about funnels. He has a green thumb that is sadly not reflected in his garden, but rather in his business and marketing savy. He knows everything you need, and don't need, to know about the field.

When Ben isn't growing businesses and accidentally killing plants, he is sailing and crossfitting to his heart's content.

Claudia Martinez

Marketing Associate

Claudia helps the Marketing and Communications team to let our clients know what’s going on in Piesync. She flew all the way from Venezuela to work with us. This retired surfer is full of energy and creativity.

Chocolate chips cookies and a good movie are her definition of heaven

Dirk Vermunicht

Business Advisor

Dirk is a veteran in doing business. He’s a hard man to bargain with but a kind man to work with.

Don’t ever confront him for a staredown, you’ll lose.

Ellen De Beul

Content Manager

Ellen loves digital marketing and storytelling. As content marketer she makes sure our blog is full of interesting stories, tips and case-studies. When offline, she likes to climb, surf, take pictures and discover the hidden parts of Ghent. Gets a bit annoyed when hungry but we’re working on that.

Ewout Van Troostenberghe

Platform Lead

Ewout isn't afraid to mix things up and look at them from a totally different angle.

In Haskell he's a "Problem → Solution" function whereas most developers are a "Problem → Maybe Solution" function.

Francis De Brabandere

Platform Engineer

Having a passion for everything electronics and computer related, Francis turned his hobby into his profession. When he is not behind a computer, he loves to play with Lego with his kids, occasional beer tasting and (mostly) electronic music.

Frans Leys

Sales Engineer

In large organizations, setting up multiple data syncs is not always easy as pie. Frans to the rescue to assist customers and clearly communicate where PieSync can help.

He also likes to play guitar, gets excited on quiz nights and is devoted to learning a new factoid every day.

Frederik Galle

Platform Engineer

Frederik is a platform engineer with a strong interest in big data. At PieSync, he builds analysis & monitoring tools for the platform.

Working remotely from the beaches of Australia, he takes every opportunity to travel.

Jo Jacobs

Office Manager

Jo is integral to the cohesive vibe that exists at PieSync. Her friendly, eager to help attitude ensures that we are well taken care of and happy. She’s responsible for organising all of the daily activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office. We don’t know how we managed without her for so long!

She adores her family and friends and is always ready for adventures.

Jonas Rasschaert

Customer Support Lead

Jonas is our friendly customer support lead, always ready to help you with your most pressing questions.

If he isn’t busy cycling, snowboarding, surfing, or crossfitting, he’s splitting his time between Ghent, Rotterdam and Germany.

Laura Lee Schultz

Head of Partner Marketing

Laura has led major digital and branding projects across the globe, and decided to join PieSync to help accelerate growth.

If she’s not at home with her beloved cat, this bon vivant is whizzing around Europe to all the latest foodie destinations.

Mawghan McCabe

Director of Strategic Alliances

Mawghan is passionate about partnering up with amazing people and companies so it only makes sense for her to work on building out the PieSync Expert Partner program.

She loves all things Digital, Travel, Horses and Sailing. TedTalk Addict.

Maxim Valcke

Product/Platform Engineer

Maxim has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He'd transpile OCaml to Javascript and back just for fun.

When he's not coding, he likes to play piano and practice his Spanish, sometimes simultaneously.

Peter De Berdt

UX & Front-End Lead

Peter is PieSync’s most valued UX & Front End coder. He believes in transparency and good food.

He also enjoys drinking quality champagne with his co-workers.

Ruben Camerlynck

Growth Marketeer

Ruben has a background in Product Development but quickly realized that growth marketing is his true passion. He’s helped multiple SaaS start-ups grow over the last couple of years and knows that achieving growth means getting your hands dirty and jumping into the trenches.

He spends most of his time in the Swiss Alps where he balances his digital life with climbing, snowboarding, paragliding and mountaineering.

Sanne Stevens

Captain of Customer Success

As a traveller, Sanne learned how to talk with people from all around the world. Her excellent communication skills make her a trustworthy Captain.

She also loves coffee and her cat.

Sarah Mouton

Partner Success Manager

Sarah builds successful connections with our software partners on a daily basis. She is naturally curious to learn new things and loves to be active: traveling, skiing, running, hiking … She also likes to cook, read and spend time with her family and friends.

Shaun Janssens

Marketing Developer

As a front-end developer Shaun listens to the countless ideas of the marketing team on a daily basis, forgetting half of it and crafting the other half into working pieces of code.

Tania Verdonck

Human Capital Manager

Tania is the level-headed HR manager who ensures that PieSync hires the right people for the right job. She enjoys fostering talent within the company to its full potential.

In her free time Tania holidays in Italy, walks her dogs and hangs out with her two children.

Ward Van Assche

Product/Platform Engineer

Ward is a calm guy who knows his stuff. He really gets the fun in functional programming.

In his spare time, Ward climbs mountains like a boss and gets parties started with his bass.

Wout De Geyter

Integration Lead

Wout a.k.a "The Machine" learns fast and knows how to get things done, no matter what. He's not afraid to get in the trenches to keep things moving.

After hours, he likes a cold Belgian beer whilst being a responsible father.


Interested in working at PieSync? We’re always looking for interesting profiles to complement the team. These are the jobs we're actively hiring for right now.

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