10 of the best tools for contact management

contact management

What's at the core of an effective business? A motivated team, a strong selection of connected tools... and a flawless contact management strategy. Contact management is about collecting, organizing, prioritizing and syncing contacts in the most seamless way possible throughout a buyer's journey.

Here are 10 of the best tools for contact management to help you succeed from the very first touchpoint and effectively integrate your phone, inbox and CRM contacts.

10 of the best contact management tools

Manage contacts on your phone

1. Google Contacts

Google's contact management tool is available with Gmail, as a standalone service, and as a part of other Google Apps.

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If you're an Android or Gmail user, Google Contacts already does some work behind the scenes, storing and organizing your contacts. It also has native integrations to other Google products such as Google Calendar and Google Drive.

You can get more from Google's free contact management tool by stepping in for some organization – such as by adding fields and segmentation – and connecting it to your wider tech stack.

You can also allow Google Contacts to talk two-ways with your other tools using PieSync. Some of our most popular PieSync connections are between Google Contacts and CRMs, which allows both sides of the sync to become more enriched with valuable data. One thing that users of these syncs love is that when their phone rings, caller ID tells them exactly who’s on the other end.

Like Google Contacts, you can use and sync other contact management apps like Outlook and iCloud to manage your contacts across all devices.


2. Contacts+

Contacts+ is a popular tool to keep your contacts in sync across all of your accounts, whether you're using Google, Apple or Microsoft.

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Contacts+ solves a common problem for tech lovers: having several email addresses across multiple providers and quickly ending up with duplicate contacts, data errors and a complete lack of organization. The tool is designed for individuals, teams and small businesses, and enables them to organize, clean, share and maintain their contacts.


CRM systems to centralize your contact management

There are so many strong CRM systems on the market and it’s always a challenge to shortlist the best. But based on popularity and feedback on popular review sites like G2 Crowd, here are some of our most recommended CRMs.


3. HubSpot

A great all-round solution for contact management with add-ons for sales, marketing and service features as your business grows.

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HubSpot’s CRM is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, enabling you to store a huge number of contacts for free and benefit from handy engagement analytics. As contacts move down your buyer’s journey and on to becoming long-term customers, you can develop a 360-degree view of each prospect and deliver the most relevant messages to them.

To get the most from HubSpot as your business grows, you’ll likely want to upgrade to one of their powerful Sales, Marketing or Service Hubs. However, you can also get more from the free HubSpot CRM by layering other powerful tools on top of it via a two-way PieSync connection.


4. Insightly

A CRM that puts reliable analytics and reporting front-and-center, giving you a high-def view of your contacts.


"Customers today want relationships, not transactions," says Insightly on their homepage. This is what they aim to provide with their comprehensive CRM tool, offering an in-depth view of customers across the whole buying process – "from the first ‘hello’ to delivery and beyond."

Insightly has also now introduced Insightly Marketing, combining marketing, sales and project management on a single platform.


5. Pipedrive

A sales CRM with strong automation features designed to give you the highest results with the lowest input.

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Pipedrive is used by over 90,000 teams who love the simplicity and intuitive nature of the tool. With Pipedrive you can bring all sales data to one place and find all the information you need before a meeting or call. Features include pipeline and activity management, lead generation, sales reporting and forecasting.


6. Nimble

An insightful CRM created to help professionals build better relationships across all social channels.

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Nimble works directly inside your Office 365 or GSuite inbox, so you can update contacts, gain insights and manage deals from within your existing workflows. Nimble "automagically builds your contacts" by bringing together all the data that Nimble can tap into. You can amplify this further with two-way connections between your business tools.


7. Zoho CRM

A web-based CRM designed to attract, retain and satisfy customers to grow your business.

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Zoho’s multichannel sales CRM incorporates email, live chat, phone and social media for contact outreach and management. It’s a great solution for simple and cost-efficient contact management, starting at €18/user/month or €12/user/month for their Standard plan.

Zoho also offers a comprehensive stack of effective tech tools, including email, accounting and HR tools as well as their CRM.


8. Freshworks CRM

A contact management solution with AI-based lead scoring and built-in phone, email, activity capture and more.

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As part of the Freshworks toolkit, Freshworks CRM is a comprehensive solution for contact management. As a Freshworks CRM user, you can benefit from built-in phone and email, lead generation and qualification features, and advanced sales pipeline management. The platform has a clean and seamless user experience and is popular on review sites like G2 Crowd.


More of the best apps for contact management

9. SalesLoft

A sales engagement platform created for salespeople, by salespeople.

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SalesLoft helps you build stronger relationships, gain deeper insights and keep up with a rapidly changing sales playbook. The sales engagement platform is truly multichannel, offering email, dialer, social, direct sales, calendaring and meeting intelligence with a single log-in.

For reliable contact management across all apps, SalesLoft seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack and CRM, prioritizing leads and equipping sellers with the information they need to close more deals and have more productive sales conversations.

SalesLoft shares that their customers enjoy a 2.5x increase in response rates, 20% increase in qualified lead to opportunity conversion and a 13% increase in renewals.


10. PieSync

A true customer data sync that works two-ways across all your business apps and devices.

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One of the most important aspects of contact management is keeping your contacts in sync across all tools. With PieSync, you gain a reliable two-way sync between your apps to eliminate duplicate contacts and ensure you’re always looking at the latest contact information.

Browse 200+ connections and see how PieSync can streamline your app stack.

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