12 unique real estate marketing ideas to boost your strategy

real estate marketing ideas

31.5% of brokers and real estate agents plan on spending more than $400 a month on real estate marketing. But where's the best place to put your marketing budget in 2020?

You've probably already tried out a lot of real estate marketing strategies and are looking for something different, so we've compiled the best unique real estate marketing ideas for 2020 to help you fill up your funnel and close more deals.


The basics of real estate marketing

Before you start investing more time and money into marketing strategy, it helps to think about how you position your real estate brand to the right people in the right places.

Set aside some time to...

  • Pinpoint where you want your real estate agency to be in 1, 5 and 10 years. How do you imagine the future of your real estate agency? Get clear on this before going full steam ahead with any large marketing investments.

  • Define your target audience. To direct your marketing to the right people, it helps to create buyer personas. These paint a picture of your target buyer so you can tailor your messaging, brand and campaigns to them.

  • Think about your niche. What do you want to be known for as a real estate agent? What values do you want to be associated with? Think about focusing on a niche to be more memorable to your target audience and adjusting your marketing around this.

  • Create a brand positioning statement. If you don't position your brand, other people will do it for you. To create a brand positioning statement that influences everything your real estate agency does, fill in the gaps of this sentence:

{Target audience} trust {your brand} as the {unique product or service category} that {primary benefit} because {your brand} is the best way to {credibility statement}.

  • Define your brand voice. One of the best ways to identify your brand voice is to say what it is and isn't. Looking at Mailchimp as an example, their voice is fun but not silly, helpful but not overbearing, and expert but not bossy. What about yours?

After you’ve decided how to position your brand, make sure to cover these marketing basics before moving on to more unique ideas:

  • Ensure your website is fast, user-friendly and mobile-optimized.
  • Publish blog posts with real estate keywords targeted to your area to boost your website's visibility and authority.
  • Build a social media strategy that shows off new properties and celebrates sales.
  • Nurture leads with automated email workflows.
  • Work with a professional photographer to show the best side of your properties.
  • Integrate leads from all channels with a tool like Follow Up Boss.

12 unique marketing ideas for real estate

1. Automate lead generation from open house events

If you run open houses, make sure you're optimizing them for lead generation. Don't just let people walk in and out - create a way to get their email addresses so you can keep in contact in the future.


2. Think about your niche

If you defined a niche and specific personas for your business, look into specific marketing techniques to reach these people.

What social media platforms do they use? What magazines do they browse? What events are they attending? What marketing campaigns are they most likely respond to?

Asking these questions can help you think of inventive marketing ideas that speak to your target buyers.


3. Target your ads to the right audience

If you invest in paid ads, make sure you're wise with your budget. For instance, only invest in the channels that your target audience uses – Google, Facebook and Instagram are the main three.

Instagram ads can be a great way to catch the eye of younger buyers who already use the platform to find home inspiration.

real estate marketing instagram


4. Host a webinar for new buyers

If you haven't hosted a webinar yet, consider making it a goal for 2020. Webinars are a powerful way to attract new leads, engage your prospects and strengthen your brand visibility while delivering great value. You can use tools like ON24, Zoom and Zoho Meeting to facilitate your webinar and send out a recording afterward.


5. Partner with local magazines

It's not all about online marketing – you can still get results from offline tactics, especially showing off your best new properties in local real estate magazines. This is one marketing tactic where brand reputation and contacts in the right places will help you gain promotion opportunities, both in print magazines and their online counterparts:

Victorian Home Overlooking The Sea In Cornwall Is For Sale


6. Make your website more user-friendly

There are a lot of bad real estate websites out there. That can work in your favor: it's a great opportunity to stand out from the competition. The best real estate agency websites are clean, simple to navigate and have a clear and memorable brand.

Strutt & Parker is a Scottish real estate agency with a simple and effective website that still manages to show class and sophistication:

Properties In Scotland Strutt Parker


7. Use Zillow to find more leads

Zillow dominates the U.S. real estate market. Even if you'd rather not give them a cut of the sale, Zillow will likely bring you more sales. Zillow Premier Agents close up to 2.5x as often as other agents.

Head over to the Zillow Premier Agent site to find out how to become a recommended agent and access Agent Toolkit resources to attract and close more sales.

Make sure to focus on increasing your rating and keeping it high so you can attract more Zillow users to work with you.


8. Create a referral system that rewards past buyers

How do you reward past buyers? Make sure you're their go-to recommendation for friends looking for a real estate agent – firstly by providing an excellent buying experience and secondly by offering incentives that motivate referrals.


9. Create a memorable business card

Gone are the days of boring business cards. If you give out cards to potential buyers, make sure they're memorable. A fantastic place for unique business cards is MOO, which has dedicated real estate business card designs.

real estate business cards


10. Include your best testimonials in your marketing

Even if you are collecting testimonials from happy clients (which is easier said than done), you might not be using them to their best potential. Make sure to include your best testimonials on your website, online profiles, social media pages and print materials.


11. Use video tools like BombBomb to engage past clients

73% of sellers are more likely to list their home with an agent who uses video to market their property. BombBomb is a great tool to get started with video marketing: you can send personalized videos and canned responses to get more replies, conversions and referrals.

Real Estate BombBomb com


12. Keep your leads and contacts in sync, no matter where they came from

If you want to increase your marketing results but struggle to stay on top of so many different channels, we can make it easier.

With PieSync's connections between top real estate apps and your go-to marketing tools, you can keep your contacts updated across all apps and instantly sync all changes. Here are the real estate apps you can currently connect with PieSync:

real estate apps piesync


Know exactly which leads need to be called, who isn't in the market anymore, and which new buyers have landed in your database – no matter which tool you're looking at. Get started with a free trial to see how PieSync can help your real estate agency as it has thousands of others.

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