14 Time Saving Apps for Real Estate Agents

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December 16, 2016

14 Time Saving Apps for Real Estate AgentsTime is money as the old saying goes, and when you’re in real estate you could literally be minutes away from making or breaking a deal. That’s why you need to get that extra edge over your competitors by using technology to help you win time. But I know you don’t have the time to download a bunch of apps and test them all out to see which apps are gold and which are duds. We’ve done our research and have compiled this list of 14 time saving apps for Real Estate Agents.

Email Management

Evercontact - Email Parser Evercontact is an email parser that helps you keep your contacts continuously up to date. It scans all incoming emails for changes in contact information, or for new contacts, and adds this up to date information to your Google Contacts, Outlook, or CRM contacts. This time saving app also has a “Flashback” feature which checks your old contacts up to five years ago. It also has a Chrome extension which allows you to grab contact information from any web page you’re currently browsing. Sanebox – Train Your Inbox On average, employees spend 28% of their day processing emails. Sanebox helps save time by highlighting important emails and summarizing the rest in a daily digest. Features include auto attachment uploads to the cloud, snooze function, and streamlined organization of no-replies. Yesware Templates – Personalize and insert Email Templates with one-click Yesware Templates are awesome if you have to send out the same email repeatedly. Templates include custom fields, placeholders, and/or drop-downs to fill in whenever they’re inserted into an email. Yesware is also an email tracking app that helps you keep track of when your prospect opens your email or clicks a link. Automatic Reminders for Gmail – Never Miss a Follow-Up Again This tiem saving app allows you to add a follow-up reminder to important outgoing emails and you’ll receive a message at the top of your inbox reminding you to follow-up. Easy!

Business Card Readers

Haystack - Scan your business cards into your phone. Haystack scans your business cards and then syncs the contact information to connected cloud apps such as Google Contacts. Sync Google Contacts with your CRM using PieSync and your contacts will automatically appear in your CRM!

File Management

Dropbox – Your files and folders in the cloud Store your documents, videos, files, photos, and more using Dropbox. You can easily generate a shareable link to your Dropbox folder for seamless coworker collaboration projects. Evernote – Clip and save sections of websites With Evernote’s Web Clipper, you can clip and save sections ( of websites and even leave your own notes. There are shortcuts to help you quickly access searches, notes, and tags.

Time Management

30/30 – Block your work 30/30 allows you to create a task list and chunk your work into time slots. It’s not bound to a calendar, so if you’re interrupted you simply pick up where you left off. RescueTime – Remove Distractions RescueTime tracks your website usage and sends your detailed reports on how much time you spend on each site. Focus Booster – Get in the Zone Focus Booster gets you working in 25-minute bursts with short breaks in between. You can track your productivity in a timesheet. 1-3-5 List – Prioritize Your Day Quickly Grade your tasks by size using the 1-3-5 method. Choose 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things to accomplish. Create your own list or use one of their templates.

Project Management

Wunderlist – Let’s Get Organized Wunderlist is a to-do list and task manager app. You can share your lists for collaborative work. Great for aligning your colleagues on overall organizational goals and projects. Kanbanchi- Kanban Project Management Kanbanchi is a project management tool that uses the Kanban methodology to help you organize your workflow. If you’re not familiar with the Kanban methodology it is essence the idea of writing your tasks down on cards and placing them in lists that represent a workflow order. We have an offer exclusive for the PieSync blog readers, if you sign up for an All Paid Features yearly subscription with Kanbanchi, you will receive 50% off for the first year! Just surf to Kanbanchi using this exclusive link and enter the promo code APFYCM848f

Contact Management App


We couldn’t have a blog post about time saving apps for Real Estate Agents without mentioning us! We save Real Estate Agents hundreds of hours in contact management. PieSync syncs your contacts between your cloud apps. For example, if you use the CRM Contactually and the email server Outlook, we connect these two apps together and sync all of your contacts two-way and in real time. This means you have access to the most up to date information when you need it most. Big time players like the Corcoran Group in NYCalready use PieSync. Start a 14-day trial and see for yourself. If you are a Real Estate Agent and have some suggestion for other time saving apps, just leave a comment and I’ll add it to the blog!

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