Examples of Bad Customer Service that actually happened

March 7, 2018
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Remember that the customer needs you to listen to them, not vice-versa. If the customer is ‘acting up’, there are tons of better ways to solve that problem. Remind the client that you are there to help them.


Did you know that according to a Zendesk report, 16% of people who received bad customer service, complain about it on social media, 52% tells their experience to family and friends. And more than 60% of consumers are influenced by other people’s comments about companies and their customer service?

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But not all companies have the same policy. Sometimes I wonder if they actually want to drive customers away!

I asked around for people to give me their worst customer service experiences, some of the stories you’ll read are truly frustrating.

But what really stood out is how upset each person was recounting their experience, even when it happened some time ago.

It just goes to show that a bad customer experience can ruin a relationship for good.

“I’m sorry, that’s not our policy.”

When Robert Barrows, from R.M Barrows Inc., called an insurance firm on their telephone, he requested not to be recorded.

“I told the operator “no” and he told me that their company does not permit them to proceed with the call unless I agreed to have it recorded.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me the same thing. I did not go through with the call.”

Needless to say, they lost a customer that day.

“This isn’t our fault, the product is faulty.”

When James Pollard, from The Advisor Coach, ordered furniture from an online furniture discount shop, he expected his furniture to be in working order.

“They delivered broken furniture. They told me they would send someone out to see if they could fix the furniture… and nobody showed up. Then they told me that they would send someone else out, and I was gracious enough to reschedule.

However, when that person showed up, he didn’t have any new furniture, he just told me that the furniture had a defect that couldn’t be fixed.”

Wow! Talk about only being in it for the money!

It’s not just businesses that behave badly, sometimes customers are the ones who are raising eyebrows, like in these examples:

“I’m going to sue you!”

Cristian Rennella, from elMejorTrator, did everything he could to negotiate with a customer who disputed a credit card charge. But this customer wasn’t having a bar of it.

“This customer called us on the phone and even after came to our offices in person to discuss a consumption on his credit card from our services.

He called every day and was driving our customer service team crazy. He then filed lawsuits against our startup.

15 days later, while talking about the issue with his family, he realized that the expense had been made by his wife and thankfully everything was clarified.”

Hmm, seems like this guy needs to talk to his wife a bit more!

“Pay for my medical expenses.”

Gene Caballero, from GreenPal, had a truly eyebrow-raising request from one customer.

“I had a customer that wanted to be compensated for his eye care because the screen on the computer he bought a year ago made him squint–causing his eyes to go bad.

When I escalated it, management thought it was a joke but the customer actually scanned a copy of his latest bill for his glasses and exam and demanded that we pay for it.”

We’re still scratching our heads about this one!

Ok, so you don’t want to end up being that kind of business (or customer).

As a business, you want to do everything to make sure your customer care team is top of their game, to avoid not only losing business but also the subject of a social media post.

There are a few things you should keep in mind: Make sure new hires have the personality for customer service, your HR should be able to effectively screen for this.

Make sure your team has adequate training and that they get support when they get stuck.

Make good use customer care tools such as Zendesk, Help Scout, or Intercom, this helps your team keep track of customers and their communications with your business.

Last, but not least, make sure you customer care tool is integrated with your sales and marketing apps. This will give your customer care team a 360° view of all your customers when they need it most.

Did you have bad customer experience in the past? Share it in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

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