3 Creative (and simple) Lead Generation Tactics

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March 6, 2017

lead generation tactics

3 Creative (and simple) Lead Generation Tactics

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post by Alyssa Ackerman from EverThere

We all do it. We all spend a lot of time collecting, qualifying, and converting leads into sales. Our jobs and companies depend on it. Content and automation have ruled the Lead Generation space recently, though many startups don’t have the time nor the budget needed for these solutions to deliver.

Here are three creative ideas for lead generation. Ideas for teams that don’t have the time or resources for lengthy content creation, video production, or adding new marketing channels to their strategy.Ideas that can be implemented quickly and can start generated leads immediately.

Digital sponsorships

Target offline crowds at industry events through digital gift bags.

Digital gift bags allow Marketers to engage with their prospects during targeted events around the world. By crafting a simple offer to include in the gift bag, Marketers can significantly increase exposure and engagement while paying only for the qualified leads they collect.

Attendees view and redeem the offers they care about by providing their email address and thus are opting-in to your follow-up emails. Certain companies in the space will enrich and verify these lead profiles before delivering them in an easy-to-export list for your team.

lead generation tactics

What you get:

  • Amazing email engagement - they’re already expecting to hear from you
  • Exposure at key industry events around the world - without the cost
  • Exportable lists of qualified, verified, high-intent leads for quick follow-up
  • Analytics and quick setup

Check out companies like EverThere for more information

Less helpful, more often

Instead of producing lengthy guides, videos, and infographics, schedule yourself and teammates one hour every few days to spend on sites like Quora.com and other forums relevant to your business.

Set up google alerts to notify you when a keyword arises in Quora so you can quickly join the conversation. Answer questions, add your thoughts to ongoing conversations and engage with the community. Show your expertise and demonstrate value before a sale is ever brought up.

What you get:

  • Increased exposure within relevant groups
  • Increased credibility and demonstration of expertise
  • An opportunity to share non-transactional content
  • Authoritative backlinks
  • Personal relationships

Interview the leaders.

So you want to be a thought leader? In the meantime, why not start interviewing them? This has obvious educational value but can also provide rich content to share with your networks. It’s also likely that these leaders will share your content with their networks. This is huge because you begin to collect authoritative backlinks (SEO boost) and reach broader social networks, as well.

What you get:

  • Personal relationships and conversations with thought leaders
  • Highly relevant and quality content for your audience
  • Authoritative backlinks and exposure to a wider network Lead Generation Thought Leaders
About Alyssa Ackerman

Alyssa Ackerman works at EverThere_, she would love to hear what’s worked for you and what other ideas you’ve heard of or tried. Please email her to continue the conversation!