3 Eye-Opening Reasons to Integrate your CRM and Marketing Automation Tool

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May 7, 2018


Year after year, we witness an exponential growth on the use of Cloud tools among SMEs. A good stack of cloud-based apps and SaaS solutions seems to be synonymous with productivity and an amazing ROI. But is that it? You get a CRM, an accounting app and an email marketing tool and you are all set?

Well, not exactly. With these tools comes the necessity of keeping data up to date across all your apps. Software Integration is the best way (if not the only one) to keep data up to date and create a seamless experience across the customer’s journey.

Here are some big reasons to keep your CRM and Marketing Automation on the same page:

1. You’ll have a surprising increase in your ROI 

The purchase decision is not the first or the last step in a customer’s lifecycle. According to Gartner, the average B2B buyer is 57% through the purchase decision before reaching out to a sales representative.

With multi-channel campaigns and lead nurturing processes, you are able to create hot leads. This type of buyer will often result in a larger purchase than a non-nurtured lead. Next to it, it’s also a cheaper sale.

By having a clear profile of each prospect, the sales team can focus on “the right” type of customer, which will also increase their productivity.

2. Enhance Customer Relationship

Don’t underestimate the power of consistent messaging. However, separate tools tracking different conversations with the same customer makes communication a hassle.

By aligning your CRM and Marketing Automation, you create a bridge between different conversations you have with the customer. Now you have rich and up-to-date data in both apps, a deep customer insight and a better relationship.

3. A centralized Data System

A lot has been said about the problem with duplicate or inconsistent data. Businesses are leaking big percentages of their revenue due to poor data.

If your Sales and Marketing teams are constantly adding and updating contact information, chances are, mistakes will be made.

Minimizing data entry definitely helps. A solid integration implies to have a centralized data system, which will drastically reduce human errors. It also makes it easier to manage the customer data and keep it clean.

HubSpot is one of the most popular Marketing Automation Software in the market. Here are some interesting integrations you can create with it:

1. Pipedrive + HubSpot: With this integration you can send marketing qualified leads to your CRM.

2. Insightly + HubSpot: Marketers love HubSpot’s rich web analytics and nursing methods. Meanwhile, other sales operations prefer to stay in Insightly for its robust CRM approach.

3. Zoho CRM + HubSpot: Send marketing qualified leads to Zoho CRM. A highly recommended integration!

Together, these tools provide a unified structure. You will save time, increase ROI, improve your teams workflow and have a 360 degree view of your customer.

Looking for ways to keep your apps in sync? Check this out:

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