3 Surefire Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics from the Pros

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May 27, 2016

3 surefire real estate lead generation tactics PieSync

Real Estate Lead Generation Doesn't Have to be Hard

You know the lament, lead generation is hard and, thanks to lead generation technology, expensive. You've got those massive lead generation platforms that pump through to you hundreds of "perfect" leads for a very steep price tag. You then blast these leads with email campaigns, but the ROI isn’t as fantastic as it should be. I bet you've worked out that quantity does not equal quality. Victor Menasce, the Managing Partner of US Real Estate Partners, agrees that untargeted email campaigns are ineffective, saying “As a culture we’re fed up with being spammed by email. The key to getting past the filter is to gain trust.” Menasce has a great point, there are other ways to get more qualified leads that don't involve email spamming a list of uninterested people. Here are three tactics your should employ to generate qualified leads:

Pick your target market

Online leads are all the rage these days. Prospects are increasingly turning to online searches to look for houses. You can harness this information by leveraging Facebook and Google ads to target people searching in your local area. Local is the key component, says Frank Klesitz from Vyral Marketing agrees, saying “The big national real estate agents don’t have the deep knowledge of the local area that you do, people want to know about your area.” In fact, it's better to keep your target as local as possible. Lead generation expert Morgan Franklin from Lexhomehub agrees “Local is your upper hand, you have to use it.”Once you have the leads contact information, be sure to get their permission to stay in touch - this could be an opt-in for a newsletter. Whatever you decide to do, the key is to get permission - if you don’t you risk losing their interest altogether and worse, ruining your reputation.


Once you’ve picked your target market, created a targeted ad campaign and received permission to contact your leads, your goal is to get them to real world events so they can meet you face to face. Menasce says that meeting people at real-world events if the best way to build trust saying “This is not that different than the reason musical acts go on tour. It’s not enough to get airplay on the radio. Your customers need to experience you in person in order to be elevated into that trusted inner circle of the brain called fandom,” says Menasce. For Real Estate Agents face to face engagement can take the form of client appreciation days. However, make sure there are no catches - such as a sales pitch. Keep the atmosphere relaxed. Remember you want to build trust at this stage, not seal the deal.

Keep in touch

After your successful live event, you need to keep in touch with your leads. This can include drip email campaigns, phone calls or further live events.Want some inspiration for drip email campaigns? Then check out this blog over at leadsquared " 7 Real Estate Drip Campaigns You Should Be Setting up Right Away" Klesitz recommends all three “ I recommend two educational emails a month, a monthly direct mail piece and 2-3 appreciate events per year - on top of lots of phone calls to invite people to the appreciation events.”
One crucial component for the touch campaign is to blog regularly. “Create content that’s shareable,” continues Franklin “you can look at Buzzfeed for inspiration. You need to publish constantly.” Consistency is the key to blogging, because you need to build up a reputation for having solid, quality content that is interesting to your target audience. You can blog about the local area, or more wide ranging things like home maintenance. But always include a call to action that takes them back to your landing page.This call to action could be to download a free ebook or to receive a free consultation - the point is to get them to do something. That way you’re actively engaging your lead’s interest, so when they are ready to sell or buy, they will think of you first.If you put in the work and follow these three steps, you will have a list of qualified leads “Then you’re not hostage to lead providers. You have the tools to build your own database and it will make your life very easy,’ says Klesitz. Ultimately you need to be in control of your lead generation “View yourself as a rancher herding in people who want to buy or hire from you. You’re in control of the relationship.” You might be interested in reading " How to make your own Real Estate SaaS App Stack" Or our interview with Real Estate tech coach "The Rook".

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