3 ways to enhance your Email Marketing Rates

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January 9, 2018

In 2016, a study revealed that for 57% of consumers the top reasons to mark promotional emails from a brand as spam are these two: Too many emails and irrelevant content. It’s not hard to cut on the amount of emails you send to a customer. There are different opinions and studies about the right frequency for email marketing. Most pools seem to indicate that a brand should send between 2 and 4 emails a month, depending on the company’s specifications. The challenge to provide relevant content is a bit more tricky than that. Here you will find three essential factors to stay away from the Spam folder.

1. Segmenting your audience

To create relevant content, you must first have a clear view of who your customers are. Only then you can decide which content is interesting for them. Proper segmentation is the key to boost your email marketing stats.There are many ways to segment your audience. You can create tags, lists and categories to sort out your audience by interest, subscription date, previous purchases, etc. There’s not one correct way to segment; it will depend on your company’s structure and offer. For instance, Robert Paul Properties - a real estate firm - asks subscribers to indicate the locations they are interested in. With that information, they can easily target emails about new properties in certain towns through Constant Contact.

2. Talking in their terms

By knowing who they are you will know how to talk to them. Geographic and demographic aspects can set the base for the language you will use and the style of the communication. Using the recipient’s name is good, but not enough. The personalization of the message must be present in the way you speak to your customer, starting with the Subject of your email and until your final sentence. The use of the right language can be a direct factor in the effectiveness of a message. The role of the language in email marketing is to catch the eye of the customer and explaining the qualities of the product, service or campaign in the customer’s terms.

3. Use the right tools

The wrong email marketing tool can make your efforts go to waste. An unattractive presentation, non-responsive emails or a database full of mistakes can have catastrophic results. You don’t need to be a designer to create an attractive newsletter. If you have a good email marketing tool you can transform templates into unique designs. To learn how you can take a look at Constant Contact’s Guide about Email Design Best Practices: How to Design the perfect Email Newsletter.In the last few years, the most popular way to visit your inbox is through a smartphone. That being said, not every emailing platform has responsive designs. That’s why it’s so important to make sure yours is. You have picked the right email marketing platform and created an awesome email. Now it’s time to send it, but wait! Your contacts are in different apps across your business. You have contacts on your CRM, Google Contacts, your accounting software, etc. PieSync can help you keep your contacts synchronized bidirectionally between your different cloud-apps in real time. This means that whenever you add a new contact to Google Contacts or Outlook it automatically goes to Constant Contact or vice-versa. Plus, you can select which categories, lists or attributes to sync and how, with Intelligent “if-this-then-that” rules. That will help you keep your segmentation. Enhancing your Email Marketing Rates is not impossible! You just have to take into account these factors and try them out.

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