4 Areas your Sales team needs to digitally transform

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December 7, 2018

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The sales team in any business serves as the core foundation of the organization, it is at the center of growth. If you are a business owner you understand the necessity of building a strong, dynamic and functional sales team. Though often undervalued, your salespeople are the face of your business and are responsible for bringing in new clients or users.

Although the sales process may seem quite straightforward to those who have no experience in the field, it has, in fact, a complex nature with time-consuming and difficult tasks to execute. Sales employees are not only responsible for explaining to potential clients what your products or services are. Responsibilities such as lead generation, nurturing, organizing conversations and meetings, negotiating, and signing contracts are all assigned to the salesperson responsible for growing your business.

So how you help a sales team be more efficient and productive? Thankfully, we have the help of the digital world, which has drastically expanded in opportunities in recent years.

The Perks of Making Sales Digitally

The online world has provided us with endless opportunities and benefits that we take for granted every day. Imagine you are running a corporation with a large number of departments or a niche business. Now think about the collection of data you collect and the speed at which it can be shared with the rest of the involved parties. It doesn’t look great, right?

Businesses struggle to synchronize activities and make data available to all parts of the business with existing technology so we don’t even want to think about it not being available for use. Some of the main benefits of bringing your sales team up to speed with cloud-based alternatives such as PieSync include saving time, making data more easily accessible, and even saving costs of managing tasks that can be completed via online platforms.

So let’s look at a few areas that your sales team can digitally transform!

1. Data

Information is probably among the most important things in a business or any other type of organization. It is essential that your business allows all involved employees, divisions, or individuals to have access to information, which will be useful for them in decision making or remaining aware of changes.

The nature of sales is dynamic and the level of lead nurturing or deal-making changes by the hour, especially in larger corporations. In order to make sure that information is stored in a place available to all, most businesses use platforms such as Salesforce, and other CRM solutions, which allows the sales team to input all the necessary data collected in one storage area, syncing information. Using such platforms will save your sales employees the time of searching for details such as client contact details, the stage of the sales process, and other valuable information. By creating integrations with other cloud-based apps, it will also make the data available to the rest of the organization, allowing the business to move forward as a whole.

2. Social Lead Generation

Sales are often closely related to marketing and the two parts of the business should work together in preparing productive digital strategies for expanding the visibility of the brand and sourcing new clients. Today, it is key for businesses to gather the necessary online visibility in social media channels, in popular platforms, or other useful channels. To do so, it is useful to create lead generating content that will be digitized and available to a large and unlimited audience on the web.

Content is among the most important aspects of a business as it serves as an educator and deal maker. It can be seen as a salesperson in written format. An efficient sales team should have a well-prepared digital strategy and a quality CRM system for content creation and popularization in order to increase the chances of sourcing more leads and turning more visitors into customers.

3. Online Meetings and Presentations

The most valuable part of the digital world nowadays is that it is available to most and allows communication without the associated costs, traveling time, and other inconvenience factors. Digitizing the way that your sales team presents your products or services allows you to build relationships with clients across the world without the need to physically travel, enlarging your potential market.

Online meetings and presentations are fundamental in doing business as they can be automated or completed by an employee. For example, if you are a salesperson working on a lead but are at the very beginning of the sales process, where you are still in the educational part of nurturing a client, why not send them a company video tailored for their business, showing how your solution will help with their problem? Jump on a shared screen conversation with the client to demonstrate other benefits of your business and win their trust.

4. Deal Making

The best part of the sales process is the time for signing the deal with your new client and receiving your money. However, it is common that in order for the deal to be completed you need collect a number of signatures from executives, directors or other important figures, who are always busy and unavailable to meet. Online platforms are there to help us send and receive even things such as signatures in order to save the time and difficult arrangements to complete a deal. Online platforms can also help our sales team see how payment flows are moving and help accounting with reminding clients to make payments.

There are a vast number of areas in which a sales team can digitally improve. After all, everything around us is becoming more and more digital and connected, pushing for changes to be made in all business areas in order to remain innovative to save time, money and effort, which can now be substituted with online alternatives, created to make our lives easier.

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