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August 3, 2017


There was a time when most cloud apps were completely isolated. It was impossible to have up-to-date contact data in all those different apps and across the different departments of your company.

But then PieSync stepped in.

Now you can sync several cloud apps 2-ways and in real time. No more import/export of your contacts and clean, updated data shared across all of your departments.

These are some examples of awesome connections you can create with PieSync:

Dotloop + Google Contacts

Dotloop is a transaction management solution created for the real estate industry. The tool allows you to create collaborative workspaces to share documents, manage tasks, receive instant notifications, and track transaction progresses in real time.

If you are a dotloop user and you keep your contact data in Google Contacts, this sync is for you. Currently, PieSync is the only syncing service that can connect dotloop with Google Contacts.
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HubSpot + MailChimp

This is a very popular connection for PieSync users. HubSpot is the marketer's number one inbound marketing tool. This all-encompassing marketing software can help you to create a landing page, email campaigns, social media scheduling and blogging.

On the other hand, MailChimp is an extensive email marketing tool, and probably the most versatile out there. With this tool, you can create targeted campaigns, newsletters, and automated messages.

By syncing these powerful tools, you can increase your email marketing rates. Up-to-date and clean data will guarantee you a better ROI and a more effective communication with your clients.

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Learn more about this integration in our Support Center.

Outlook + Insightly

Insightly is well known as a user-friendly CRM. Part of its charm is the option to integrate directly with other popular cloud apps such as Google Apps, MailChimp, social media and even Outlook.

But many users add PieSync to boost this tool. Only with this integration the user can have a full 2-way sync. The Outlook + Insightly user can also sync deletions, unsubscribes and updates in real time.

With the latest updates of PieSync, they can also create logic "rules" to decide what will be synced with an " if -this- then -that" algorithm. In a way, you are passing on the intelligence of Insightly to Outlook.

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Pipedrive + Campaign Monitor

Pipedrive is a great CRM that provides a clear overview of your leads and helps you prioritize tasks efficiently and reach the targets you had in mind.

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool made for and by designers. Not only can you create beautiful looking templates, but you can also get detailed customer insights with features such as campaign previews, analytics and activity tools.

Combine these two apps and you are unifying your email marketing efforts and your CRM. As a result, you'll have a great source of information about your customers.

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These are only 4 connections we thought you might find interesting. But you have many more options available. We launch a new app every week.

Take a look at all these apps available for sync and start your free trial today!

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