4 Best iPhone Productivity Apps for the Modern SME Owner

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March 2, 2018


All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else – Plato

Plato was sure onto something! I mean, who am I to question the great ancient Greek Philosopher’s wisdom? I’m also not a Plato specialist, nor do I have vast knowledge on the context of this quote. Nevertheless, fast-forward from 400 BC to today’s world filled with technology, I don’t think natural gifts alone help us to produce superior quantity and quality of products and services.

Of course, I am a strong believer of individual strength, creativity, power of imagination, and confidence to outperform one’s own limits. But I also believe that technology can amplify one’s productivity to the extent which is otherwise impossible to reach. Just think of PieSync. According to one of our customers, PieSync’s solution helps them save 10 hours every week and thus helps them become more productive! Natural abilities can’t account for that time saving!

So, technologies have their fair share in contributing to productivity. In this article I am going to share with you the iPhone apps that have caught my eye and that are productivity booster, enhancing your natural gifts.

So, here goes:


Let’s say, you work in sales and suddenly, one fine morning, you cannot get into your CRM from your laptop while you are on the go. To make things worse, you find out that the only IT support colleague who can help you is also out of the office and he doesn’t have his laptop with him. That would be a real fiasco, right? Not really. Screens lets your IT support colleague get into the system from his phone and fix the CRM so that you can keep pursuing your sales hunt. This is just one of the possible use cases. Guess what? You can enable Curtain Mode, if enabled no one would be able to see what you are doing on your laptop! Crazy right?

Price: $19.90


Fantastical 2

Lunch with Robin at McDonald’s on Tuesday at 2pm- forget filling up date, time, or location on your calendar app. Just type the event and Fantastical 2 will schedule it for you! Similarly, just type “remind me buy medicine at 4pm” and it’s done. Fantastical will set a reminder for buying the medicine. This natural language pursing feature makes the app stand out among all other alternatives. It also comes with a beautiful week view!

Price: $4.99


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Be Focused Pro

Ever heard of Pomodoro Technique? An Italian university student (Francesco Chirillo) developed a time management method in 1980 in which a timer breaks down a work or task into several intervals each consisting of 25 minutes in length(usually). The intervals are called Pomodoros, originated from the Italian singular form Pomodoro (tomato in Italian). Francesco’s timer was a kitchen timer and it was tomato shaped.

This app uses the same technique. It breaks down a task among intervals separated by short breaks. If you are a person like me who easily get distracted possibly by everything going on around you, this app is just perfect for you to get the job done by retaining your focus. You can easily customize yourself the number of intervals, the length of these intervals, and those of the breaks. You can track your progress throughout the day, week or any custom period. As a point of parity, it also comes with beautiful Pie Charts.

Price: $1.99



I am always fond of mind maps. They guide me, get me on the track, help me generate more ideas, enable me to see the bigger picture and find the loopholes in my thought process. It always happens to me that a new idea pops up when I am in the superstore or my brain suddenly solves a missing link while I am on the go. I am sure it happens to you too. The only option is to record these ideas on the phone.

MindNode is possibly one of the best mind mapping apps (see more here) available out there. One of the best features that it offers is iCloud syncing- you are able to work on the same map anytime from any device, be it on your iPhone or Mac or iPad. So, your eccentric pattern of idea generation is now well supported! You can attach images and hyperlinks to your map for further references.

The best part: it is incredibly easy to handle and its intuitive. MindNode is able to guide an inexperienced user to build the map quite easily.

Price: Starting from $9.90


Let me know your favourite productivity iPhone apps preferably with the reasons. I would be happy to add them on this list!

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