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March 31, 2016

Infusionsoft’s full potential can be unleashed with a few key integrations.

We love integrations, they save time, they make your life so much easier and they’re super-easy to set up. But when you have literally 100s of apps in the Infusionsoft marketplace, it can be pretty tricky to choose which apps to download and integrate. We’ve done some investigating on behalf of Infusionsoft users to find the best free Infusionsoft integrations that you should set up today so you can streamline your business.


Infusionsoft app integration Zendirect PieSync Want to add a personal touch to your customer service with offline marketing campaign by sending cards and other goodies? With a ZenDirect integration you can set up triggers and let them take care of the details. ZenDirect is a stress-free time saving way to personalize and print postcards, greeting cards, letters, newsletters, look-books, gift cards and gourmet food gifts. This is great for customer appreciation, lead generation, customer welcome kits, birthday cards, thank yous, event registrations, recognition programs and incentive programs. With this integration you’ll be impressing and converting with your company swag in no time. Zendirect, Infusionsoft integration, PieSync app

You can download ZenDirect at the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

Pricing : the integration is FREE. The goodies and mailers can be paid for on four plans which you can view on their website.


Pure Chat integration, PieSync app, Infusionsoft integration chatWe all know that the hallmark of good customer service is to go where your customers are. While you’ve probably got social media, email and phone covered, you also need to have a live chat function so when you’ve got buyers on your website with a question, they can get instant answers. Enter Pure Chat.

With Pure Chat you can chat with prospects and customers online and in real time, and keep your contact records up to date by exporting transcripts of these conversations into your customer record - you can even email the transcripts. You can also chat with multiple team members, set your own availability and if you miss a chat, the app will send you a text message. There is a 3 minute set up process, and if you get stuck, Pure Chat offers support - through their live chat. Pure chat live chat, Infusionsoft integration, PieSync app

You can download Pure Chat at the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

Pricing : The integration is FREE and you can have up to 15 chats per month for free. If business is booming, you can choose from one of their 3 monthly plans. Take a look at their website for more information.

3. iTrack360 integration, Infusionsoft integration PieSync app

Don’t you love getting leads? I sure do. You know what else I love? Knowing where those leads came from. I think we can all agree that while Google Analytics is a powerful tool, it can be pretty confusing. Also, don’t you want to integrate this information directly into Infusionsoft? iTracker360 does exactly this. It’ll show you where your leads are coming from and save this information in your Infusionsoft contact records in custom fields. It can also create custom URLs to track specific campaigns, and on the paid version you can go in deep with Geo-IP tracking features and advanced reporting. iTracker360, Infusionsoft integration, PieSync app

You can download iTracker360 at the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

Pricing : The integration is FREE, as is the basic account. If you want advanced features you can choose from 2 plans. Visit their website for more information.

4. 40 Nuggets, Infusionsoft Integration, PieSync app best infusionsoft integrations

We know that tailoring offers to your audience is essential for higher conversion rates, but how can you ensure that the offers on your website are hitting the right person at the right time? You need lead automation, and you can’t go wrong with 40 Nuggets. This simple tool, which requires ZERO CODING, tracks and analyzes site visitor behaviour and provides you valuable insights. You can add segments for targeted marketing campaigns, and create screen overlays called “nuggets” using your own design or one of their off the shelf templates. You can then select what nugget is presented to which visitor in your segments, you can even drill down to when the nugget is presented to your visitor and on which page. 40 Nuggets, Best Infusionsoft Integrations, PieSync app

You can download 40 Nuggets at the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

Pricing : The integration is FREE, as is the basic account. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, you can choose from 2 plans at the 40 Nuggets website.

BONUS: We can’t help but mention PieSync! You can sync your contacts two-way and in real time between Infusionsoft and the following apps:

Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.

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