4 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help a Small Business Grow

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September 9, 2016

4 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help a Small Business Grow

Part 1: 4 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help a Small Business Grow

Let’s face it, running a small or medium-sized business isn’t easy. The innumerable tasks you need to oversee on a daily basis mean that you probably struggle to find the time for that most essential of objectives: finding new customers to increase leads and ultimately sales.Running an effective website, let alone creating and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy from your various platforms and software solutions that will bring in more customers, can bring headaches.

How do you find the time and resources make sure it works to bring in leads and convert them into sales? How do you make sure you have the right software solutions to collate, measure, analyse and act on the date that will enhance your products or services?

The answer is, thankfully, you don’t have to – help is at hand.More and more businesses are turning to agencies, outsourcing what would be a laborious process to expert agencies who can help you manage your marketing strategy across multiple platforms and see real ROI.Ok, we know the first question already: Won’t that mean more expense? Well, no. Far from being just another expense, hiring an agency is a solid investment – one that’s cheaper than hiring staff and that will ensure you can manage your time more effectively so you can concentrate on actually running your business.

Here’s some of the ways an agency can help your business to grow:

1. Campaign management

A digital marketing agency will set up an effective campaign management system that will identify the market you want to reach, what tools, software and platforms you currently have and how they can be best utilised, what additional platforms you should incorporate, and how to measure the results of your efforts.They will help you define your buyer personas and the buyer journey so you know what type of keyword-rich content to create, when, and what platforms to promote it through for maximum effect and ROI.

Importantly, they will also integrate your platforms and software to create a smooth and effortless strategy that works across all media and between all departments.If you use a number of platforms and programmes to compile your customer data, whether that’s in-house or cloud-based, they can bring them together so that every part of your strategy is connected and accessible, meaning you can avail of the valuable insights needed to enhance your marketing process.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A digital marketing agency will optimise your content for you to make sure it ranks highly on search engine results through the research and use of the many facets that make up top-ranking search results.

At Get Focused, we can even create the content for you, ready to go as keyword-rich, optimised blogs and webpages that includes on and off-page SEO that increases visibility and engagement from customers while also nurturing backlinks from other businesses and thought leaders.Your internet marketing agency can also ensure your website and all online content remains as up to date as possible in what is an ever-changing environment. Put simply, their expertise means their finger is very much on the pulse.

3. Social media mastery

The stats say it all: more than 70% of consumers are likely to make a purchasing decision based on social media referrals. As well as promoting your online content through targeted social media posts, your digital marketing agency will identify the people who drive online discussions, engage with them, and establish relationships that will see your content enjoy exponential growth as it is shared. They will not only promote your message to a wider audience, but promote it through the right people with the right audience.

4. Easy Integration

All of your content needs to be a part of a larger strategy that drives people into your sales funnel, rather than simply separate parts of a mass communications strategy, and your agency can formulate this so that each element forms part of a streamlined, integrated whole centred around your customers and potential customers.Using a Content Management System that allows all content to connect painlessly so that blogs and webpages lead directly to data-capturing landing pages, a digital marketing agency can use workflows to offer further helpful content that converts leads into customers.This integrated marketing communication approach ensures:

  • coherence (each communication type is connected)
  • consistency (each communication supports the other)
  • continuity (repeating key phrases that connect each post to a campaign)

The result? A customer-centric tailored content strategy.Struggling to see the ROI? This can be solved easily because an agency will measure every action and interaction, showing what works, what doesn’t, how to improve, and where to focus resources for future campaigns.There is a lot of work involved in managing your various solutions and platforms and creating an effective digital marketing strategy, but an agency like Get Focused will allow you to have more time to run your business while they oversee and operate a tailored plan that will see not only a decrease in your workload and database management, but an increase in brand awareness, website visits and activity. That can only be good news for your bottom line.

About Ross Lauder

Ross Lauder is the Director of Sales, Strategy and Digital Marketing at Get Focused On Marketing. Lauder advises on, creates and manages your online content across multiple platforms to attract visitors and funnel them through the sales journey, turning them into ongoing customers using the inbound marketing methodology.