5 Apps Sales Representatives Should Have Installed on Their Phone

Nowadays, there is a technological solution to every problem. Technology is helping us to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Whether the task is basic or advanced, there is exists an app for that.

Sales representatives are the road warriors and are busy the whole day. As technology is making our life easier day by day then why would it not benefit the salesperson?

There are many remarkable internet apps that we use in our daily lives for different purposes.

Thus there are apps for salesperson too.

Salespeople have a bit strong nerve. It is quite crucial for them to remain extraordinarily organized. They need to follow up the meetings promptly.

Well if you are a salesperson, then be happy.

Now you need not juggle with your critical information anymore. You can easily keep your sales data clean.

This article explains some essential apps that can help you organizing and completing your sales tasks quite efficiently and productively.

1. Zoho CRM

zoho crm mobile

Zoho's CRM makes sure your sales team stays focused on their targets. With the Zoho CRM app, you can quickly turn your phone into a personal sales assistant.


Some of the benefits you will get by using this app are:

  • With this app, you can gain the real-time insight of sales at your fingertips.
  • You can quickly view the customer engagement and the team performance from the dashboard.
  • Feeds help you and your team to remain informed and collaborate with each other.
  • You can find the prospect nearby.
  • You can manage the time efficiently by locating the nearby and then scheduling the meetings according to them.
  • You can keep a record of your meetings. In this way, your colleagues will remain informed about the happenings of the meetings.
  • You can quickly create tasks, events, and reminders.
  • If you think that you will have to be online while workings, then you are wrong. When you reconnect, your all data will be automatically synced across the entire platform.


a) Navigation Between Modules: Like many other salespeople, you might also think that there are too many clicks to enter into any information related to the customer record in such apps. Well, your all woes will be ended now. There are the quick action and related lists in Zoho app by which you can easily navigate between modules.

b) Importing File Formats: In Zoho CRM apps, there is an essential option by which you can easily import plenty of file formats.

c) Built-in Reports: With built-in reports in this app, doing reports can be a breeze.

Other Features:

It’s some other impressive features include

  • Process management
  • Pipeline management
  • Customization
  • Sales automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Security
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics

2. Apptivo

apptivo mobile

Apptivo is a free online all in-one cloud business app. CRM, Project Management, Invoicing and more.

Some awesome features of the apptivo app are:

a) Enable the Social Enterprise: The social aspects of business management software are of great importance. By this excellent feature, all members of the team remain informed about the activities that are going on in your business

  • Apptivo News feed helps you convert your business into a social enterprise.
  • This newsfeed is on the homepage. It shows you all that is being done in your business.
  • This app provides you information about all the activities happened.
  • It resembles our daily business log a lot.
  • In this app, you will also get the updates from which you have access to.
  • For example, if your business has set the option enabled for the contract access control, then you will surely get notifications about it.
  • An employee can also opt out if he/she does not want to receive the notifications.

b) Complete View of Everything:

  • With this excellent app, you can enjoy the perks of creating contracts; invoices, order and thus everything of this sort quite quickly from the app.
  • You can have a 360 view of these things too.
  • You can also delete the record, and the modifications will be shown immediately in the app.

c) Email Integration: Apptivo's email integration provides the ease of seamlessly integrating with Google, yahoo, and emails. After sending an email from the apptivo app, it will automatically get synced to the Google sent folder. While the email deletion will not be reflected in both the Google and the apptivo.

d) Sales Commission Reports: Sales commission payment is referred to as the way of compensating salespeople. With this impressive app, you can extract the sales commission report for the following purpose quite easily.

  • For a period
  • For a customer
  • For a sales representative

These reports are extracted with the following attributes:

  • Invoice number
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Amount
  • Commission

3. Salesforce

salesforce mobile

Salesforce is considered as one of the most favorite tools for completing the task of call reports. With this app, you can efficiently run your territory from your phone.

You can also view the following things from this app:

  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Account detail


  • Build your business on a single, secure, and scalable platform that's easy to customize and upgrade without anything breaking.
  • Create the experience employees need to sell faster and get more done with Salesforce Lightning platform.
  • Close deals, service customers, track marketing, and even collaborate and share files on any device — all from a single, integrated mobile app.
  • Share and grow with the 2.3M+ Trailblazers in Salesforce community.


It’s some key features include:

  • You can easily access your CRM records.
  • Moreover, you can update the CRM records associated with the meetings also.
  • You can view the case histories.
  • You can edit case details.
  • This app allows you to log the calls from any mobile.
  • It you to run your business from your home. You can quickly zoom in on an opportunity and solve complex problems just by a single tap.

4. Teamgate

teamgate mobile

Teamgate is a web-based full process Sales CRM solution designed to strengthen and simplify your entire sales process. This app allows you to stay connected with your deal opportunities.


  • This app allows you to make calls.
  • Find the contact detail and quickly get in touch with a call or email straight away from the app.
  • The dashboard allows you to have an overview of your team's work, deals, and forecast.
  • You can quickly check your contacts and your to-do list on any time anywhere.


Its main features include:

  • Arrangement of meetings
  • Taking notes
  • Task list

5. Act! Essential


Act! Essential's purpose is to provide you organized access to your customer details and robust email marketing

To know more about email marketing read here.


  • Keep track of all of yout team’s interactions, while still maintaining personal to-do lists and agenda items.
  • Manage user roles on email campaign sends.
  • Customize the personal Act! Essentials view by updating contact profile images – without changing it for everyone else on your team.
  • Make changes to contact notes and history that will automatically update across team accounts.
  • Share visibility into grouping and targeting of contacts.


Its main features include:

  • Schedule and update activities easily.
  • Call contacts from within the app.
  • Create, update and delete contacts.
  • Record the opportunities.
  • Monitor your sales pipeline.
  • Tracking of the email campaigns.
  • Monitoring the cal lists.
  • Associating the history to contact.

Final Words

These apps can be quite useful for the sale representative if used wisely. Mobile-enabled sales team will make your work faster. Moreover, such apps provide ease to access the real-time data quite easily.

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