5 Key Benefits Of Customer Care for Online Businesses

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August 31, 2018

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When your customers have questions, doubts, or problems with your service it’s extremely easy to lose them. Not having physical headquarters or offices for the clients to visit and sort out these issues, makes even more crucial to have a top-of-the-line customer support.

Good Customer Care can also be the reason why a client will choose you over your competitors. Here is some data that shows why you ought to stay on top of this aspect of your business.

Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey shows that 66% of consumers switch to competitors due to poor customer service. In addition, 81% of consumers say that the company they stopped using could have done something to prevent them from defecting. In other words, companies that do not try hard enough to retain their customers lose them, and this is an easily avoidable situation. This data should make you reconsider your current attitude toward the importance of creating a customer success plan.

Not sure yet? Here are Five Reasons Why Customer Success is pivotal for Online Businesses:

Customer Success Generates Loyalty

One of the biggest reasons why customer success is important for the growth of your online business is that when a client feels that they are being treated in an exceptional way, they start to be loyal. Previously, companies competed with each other by lowering their prices on their products; however, companies today are focusing their efforts on gaining market loyalty and thus guaranteeing their continual operation and growth.

Consumers are willing to pay a little bit more if they shop with a company that offers personalized service and quality tech support. That is why your customer success specialists should be as competent and as professional as possible. This will increase customer confidence and keep customers from leaving.

Quality Customer Success Increases Profits

Both brick-and-mortar and online businesses need money to grow. The good news is that by taking customer success factors into account, you can increase your business’s growth. In a 2011 Oracle report, it was found that 86% of customers were willing to pay more money in order to have a better customer experience. That same year, American Express found that 70% of Americans are willing to spend 13% more with companies that offer an excellent customer experience. From these data, one can deduce that ensuring customer success can allow your company to obtain greater financial benefits without having to lower the prices of your products.

Customer Success Results in Free Advertising

Online businesses rely heavily on advertising. But, do you realize that you can get free advertising out of your customers? When you offer good service, satisfied customers will spread the word about your company online and by word of mouth; however, when a client has a bad experience, they will share their negative experience with dozens of different people. If they happen to post a negative comment online, it can be viewed by thousands of people.

Happy Employees Means a Greater Customer Experience

To successfully grow your online business, you need to have a great organizational culture. You can do this not only by improving the external affairs of your company, but also by improving how you operate internally. Doing this will create a positive atmosphere in your company, which will result in happy employees who take pride in their work, and customers will leave your business with a good impression of those you employ.

Listen to Your Customers

Clients are a very valuable source of information that allow your company to improve and grow. When customers are on your side, your company can count on constant growth. In order to keep customers on your side, you should always listen to their comments, good or bad, and act on them in order to ensure that you are offering clients a positive customer experience. This is the best customer success strategy there is.

Customer Service Software for Customer Success

Now that you know the importance of customer success, it is time to get to work.Remember that in order to provide better service to your customers, you should use the latest in customer service software. Customer service software gives you the ability to effectively track your customers, know a customer’s history, increase your knowledge of your customers, and much more. If next to your customer service solutions, you have other cloud-based tools (a CRM, Accountancy software, Marketing Automation tools, etc.) make sure you have all your information synchronized and your online business will stand out from the competition!

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