5 Tips on How Live Chat Support Can Help to Skyrocket Sales

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August 24, 2018

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Marketing a business online has become one of the most effective methods for increasing sales. However, leading an online business comes with many challenges to those who want to increase this number, especially in terms of customer satisfaction. It is the obvious truth – the happier your customers are, the more sales will your company enjoy.

According to research, 44% of all online customers find customer service to be one of the most important features a company can offer. ‘’We are all aware of the importance of customer service and yet, this is the first thing entrepreneurs choose to cut expenses for. As a result, you end up losing customers because you didn’t invest into employing or training good agents.’’ – says Fred Thompson, a marketing expert at an Aussie writing service.

When we talk about online customer support, we have to mention live chats. These are free to use and provide a prompt solution to any customer’s problem. Of course, that is only if the customer support you have in place is good.

Reasons Why Chat Support is Important

There are many reasons why you should focus on making your chat support great. Some of these are:

It is convenient and inexpensive

A chat system on your website will give your customers a chance to get immediate help. A call center can take up a lot of time they don’t have and is not cost-free for many of your targeted customers. With a live chat, there is no need to make expenses, or even go through the numeric options usually existent with call centers.

It increases the number of sales

This is probably the biggest boost companies have when it comes to providing live chat service to their customers.

Being able to ask questions directly on the website without extra costs or long waiting time makes all the difference between a gained or lost customer.

Think of it this way. If a customer has someone to help them place an order or clear up some things about the sale, they are more likely to proceed and get to the check out. Where there is no live chat, these customers have to look for a phone contact, wait for response, and spend valuable time doing so. In most cases, time is a luxury for customers.

It gives you an edge

A study found that 63% of the customers are more likely to return to a site that offers live chat than to a one that doesn’t. This certainly gives you an edge of your competition.

Five Ways to Use Live Chat to Increase Sales

The reasons why are more than enough to convince you to build a live chat option on your website, but now the more important question arises – HOW to make it work? Here are ways that will help you benefit from a great live chat option:

1. Be always available

It sounds obvious and yet, many companies don’t have round-the-clock service. With online businesses, you are targeting different customers, sometimes even people from different time zones. Don’t let this be a barrier for making sales. If people cannot reach you when they need your help in regard to your products or services, they will most likely turn to someone else instead of waiting for your live chat to go back online.

To maximize your sales, make sure the live chat on your website is available the whole day. Have you ever consider Artificial Intelligence to help your customer support team? A bot never gets tires, so can work 24/7. Plus, it pulls from existing contextual data to deliver accurate answers.

2. Be prompt

A live chat serves to instantly help customers, so don’t stray from this purpose. It is seconds that determine whether a customer will buy your product or service or leave your site, so be as quick in responding as possible.

If your current live chat service seems to lose a lot of customers, perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Install a faster live chat and hire more agents to respond to customers’ queries. This should help you increase the number of sales and keep the customers interested.

3. Make typing indicators

Don’t underestimate the option of providing instant feedback. If you let your customers see that you are typing to answer their question, they are much more likely to stay on the live chat. When a customer cannot see that a person is working on a response, they will be hesitant about whether they should stick and wait for an answer or leave your website.

Just turn this feature on. Your customer should know that you are there for them even before they get your message.

4. Know your customers

Your goal is not only to get new customers, but to retain the old ones, too. To make them feel valued and keep them interested, you should ensure that they know you care.

If an old customer reaches you on the live chat, make sure to provide an answer that creates a special connection. A simple ‘how are you today’ can make all the change between a regular and one-time customer.

5. Be Calm

At times, your live chat service will be contacted by an angry or tense customer. Always be prepared for this. If you think ahead, you can prepare everyone and minimize negative feedback as a result of a nervous agent on the live chat.

Even if your customer provokes you, don’t let this get to you. The customer is always right, even when he is not. Therefore, focus on doing everything well on your side. Find the best employees, track their success and behavior, try not to put people on hold for too long, don’t transfer visitors unless absolutely necessary, etc.

We hope that you find these insights effective in increasing the profits you make with your online business. By implementing a live chat option on your website and optimizing it to best serve the visitors, you can significantly increase the conversion rates.

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