5 ways to eliminate duplicate contacts

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July 3, 2018

Maintaining a high-quality database is a challenge. It is also a key factor to generate accurate information for our CRM, Sales and Marketing Department, Customer Service Team, etc. One of the most common problems with data is the existence of duplicate contacts. In most cases, the duplication of a contact is the result of a human mistake. The wrong spelling of a name or phone number can make a member of our team believe that this is a new contact when it's in fact the same one. In certain cases, if a registered customer has multiple email addresses and he reaches us from an address that is different from the registered one, our CRM Platform generates a new contact for that user, thinking it's a new customer. The existence of duplicates makes us lose money and efficiency. It can generate false information and creates unnecessary marketing costs. Luckily, nowadays there are lots of options to help us solve this problem. These are 5 ways to eliminate duplicate contacts in different software:

1. DeDuply

DeDuplyhelps remove duplicates from CRM Platforms. The users can choose from ten different filters to make sure they’re removing the correct duplicates from their systems. It also flags possible duplicates and allows a final manual check, just in case they’re not duplicates at all. They currently de-dupe Nimble, Insightly, Agile CRM, Salesforce, Nutshell, Capsule, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, HubSpot, OnePageCRM, Batchbook, and Highrise.

2. DupeBlocker/DemandTools

DupeBlocker and DemandTools is software developed by CRM Fusion. They were made specifically for Salesforce. These are complementary products. DemandTools cleans the duplicates out of Salesforce while DupeBlocker stops the users from being able to create duplicates. It works in real time. Each time a duplicate record is entered, it is either blocked or a Duplicate Warning is generated, depending on the selections in the scenario made by the user.

3. Mergix

Mergix is a free cloud deduplication service for Address books. It updates the contacts on the different devices of the user. It also searches, deletes and merges duplicates and cleans up junk. There's no need to install anything, it works online from any device. It also allows comparing contacts across all or selected address books and services. They do a backup of the contacts but they don't store it. Which makes it a very safe service. It's compatible with Android and iPhone, PC and Mac, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Exchange, iCloud, Google Apps and Office 365.

4. FullContact

FullContactoffers an automatic deduplication and merging service in Google Contacts and Outlook. They use “smart scanning” to detect duplicates that aren’t obvious. FullContact's algorithms are very sophisticated. Rather than just relying on a similar name, it will search for other clues about each contact in order to avoid merging two entries that aren’t duplicates.

5. Merge and Clear Apple's Contacts

Merge and Clear Duplicate Contacts from the Apple's Contacts app is a very easy procedure. But of course, it won't work so efficiently as other tools. It's handy for small groups of contacts and it requires a periodical manual update. To remove duplicates on different Apple devices, the first step is to sync the address books of all these devices with the Mac. You can sync the old-fashioned way trough iTunes or automatically trough iCloud. We recommend you to do a backup (just in case). Then, open the Contacts app and pull down the “Card” menu to select “Look for Duplicates”. This will produce a report about the number of duplicates found. Then, just click on “Merge” to combine those contacts.

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