6 Fun Slack Integrations you need to try

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April 1, 2018


“F” is for Fun Slack Integrations

Here at PieSync we love Slack. Not only is it a handy team communication tool, which has obliterated internal emails, it also has some fun non-business related integrations you can use when you’ve got five minutes to spare in your busy day.

Movie Night

Ahh it’s Friday, you’re already dreaming about which movie you want to watch at the cinema, but wait! What’s on again? With this integration, you can find out which movies are showing now, and what movies are soon to be released. You’ll also get a quick summary and view how popular each movie is. No frills, no spills. Does its job.

Movie Night Fun Slack integrations PieSync


With the increasing popularity of telehealth, this integration is perfect for those of you who are short on time but need to visit a doctor for a niggling health concern. Or for those who don’t want to front up to a doctor with an embarrassing health problem. Added bonus is that you no longer have to search for your symptoms on Google, only to be told that you have some terrible, certainly deadly, rare tropical disease.

your.md Slack PieSync

Urban Dictionary Slack Bot

If you can’t understand what those dang young whippersnappers are saying to you, just ask the Urban Dictionary Slack Bot! Perfect for those of you who want to “keep it real”.

Urban Dictionary Slack Bot


If you like a bit of online privacy while you’re browsing the web, you’re probably using Duckduckgo. You can perform web searches using Duckduckgo from Slack with the integration Rubberduck. Just type /rd and your search term.

Duckduckgo Slack PieSync Slacker

Are you the company joker, the one who brings light relief to your colleagues grey and dreary existences? This integration is for you! You can impersonate 20 different characters within Slack. You can even create your own character, like what our company clown did with PieSync Pete:

Slacker Slack PieSync

Poncho the Weathercat

Have you ever wanted your weather questions answered by a witty cat? Poncho does exactly that! Just type /poncho and your postcode and you’ll find out your weather and get an accompanying gif.

Poncho the Weathercat Slack PieSync

That’s NOT all folks! Download “The Beginner’s Guide to Slack”, courtesy of the house!

Download it now

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