7 Management Tips to Motivate your Sales Team

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November 16, 2018

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If your sales team needs a bit of a push to perform better, it could be that they are lacking in motivation. This can easily be solved so long as you put the right management tips into action, getting them back on track and outperforming their records. Try these seven methods for success.

1. Remind them of their importance

One thing your sales team may not remember always is that each and every contribution they make is valued. Every sale counts – no matter how small. Remind them that each of them can help in the efforts towards beating your targets, which could result in a big win for everyone. Even the lowest performing member of the team can still help by making one more sale.

2. Give personal bonuses

If they know they will earn more by working harder, your sales team will definitely go all out to make as many sales as possible every single month. You can award bonuses based on targets which they must reach, or for beating their personal best, or simply being the highest performing sales assistant of the month. This will give them something to work towards and get competitive about.

3. Award met targets

Each month, set your team a target which is based on a projection of last year’s results combined with recent performance. This should be a goal which is achievable, but only if everyone works hard together. Once everyone meets this target, offer them a reward which has an experiential basis: for example, taking the whole team out for a meal or drinks, or playing mini golf together. You’ll find the sales performance boost more than outweighs the cost of these activities.

4. Create monthly awards

Each month, you can hold a small ceremony in which you award the title of ‘Salesperson of the Month’. This should go to a person who has made the most sales, or the most total sales value overall. At the end of the year, you can also tally up who has had the most monthly titles to award them ‘Salesperson of the Year’. You can keep a record of this on the office wall to increase motivation.


5. Focus on wellness

Sometimes, the best way to motivate your employees is simply to care well for them. How about showing your appreciation by focusing on employee wellness? Not only is this a good way to get their sales levels up, because they feel at their best, but it will also encourage loyalty. You may even find top talent from other firms becoming attracted to working with you.

6. Create a good environment

People want to come to work, and perform well at work, when they have a pleasant working environment. Ensure that there is lots of natural light and fresh air available, and that the office or shop floor is pleasant for both staff and customers. Avoid repetitive or loud music, keep the temperature neutral, and deal with negativity or conflicts as they arise.

7. Give more leeway

When your employees feel like they have more responsibility and independence, they are likely to try even harder in order to prove themselves. Give them more leeway to sell in an effective way, so long as they aren’t breaking any rules or being unfair to customers. Stop watching over their shoulders and they’re likely to pull themselves together in search of those commissions and bonuses.

A good sales team will be motivated to smash targets on a regular basis, selling as much as possible. With these tips, you can become the best performers in your area.

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