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September 22, 2017

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about remote work? No long and exhausting commutes to work, no co-workers to deal with and no supervisors to keep a strict watch on you. Remote work is great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this is only half the picture. Remote work comes with its fair share of challenges.

According to a report by United Nations International Labour Organization, “Advances in digital technology have led to an expansion in the use of ICT to enable working anytime and anywhere”

This lead us to an important question: How to overcome remote work challenges with digital technology?

Here you will find seven mobile apps that make the life of remote workers easier.


Working from the peace of your room does not mean that you have less work to do. Remote workers also have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, which makes hard to keep track of everything. That’s where Dapulse steps in.

Dapulse ensures that none of your tasks are overlooked by giving remote workers a clear view of their To-Do list. Dapulse allows you to share a board with other team members and manage who is assigned to each task, its status, and deadline.


Staying connected with colleagues is a big challenge for remote workers but Slack can help get them closer. This excellent project collaboration app can help you to communicate a quick thought, brainstorm ideas, share files, etc. Thanks to its ability to integrate with hundreds of third-party applications, you can streamline project management and communication. You can also have a channel for each one of your company’s topics inside the same platform.

If you want to know more about this great service, take a look at The Beginner’s Guide to Slack.


If you want an easy to use project management tool that could double up as a To-Do list, then Trello will surely impress you. It’s unique, visual, card-based approach makes task assignment, scheduling, prioritizing and execution a breeze. With the progress meters attached to every To-Do list, you can easily track your project progress.

See everything at a glance and work in close coordination with different departments with Trello. Thanks to Google Drive and Dropbox integration, remote workers can also upload files directly.


Despite the advancement in communication technology and app development, we are still unable to replicate or match face-to-face interaction. That’s why executives spend hundreds of dollars to fly to a different city or country to attend a meeting. For a remote worker, following the same approach would kill the whole purpose of remote work so what options does a remote worker have? The closest thing to face to face interaction is a video call.

Skype is one of the most popular video calling app that let remote workers stay in touch with their colleagues in the physical office.

Along with common features such as voice and video calling, it also allows have a Group video and voice calls feature that is very useful for remote teams. The screen-sharing feature is another handy feature for remote workers.

Google Drive

Today’s projects and tasks are all about collaboration, and to be able to do that you have to share information. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that let remote workers save, edit and collaborate on documents from any internet-connected device.

Remote workers can easily track changes made to documents by getting automatic activity updates. Sharing and synchronizing files across multiple devices is just a matter of a few clicks with Google Drive.

The ability to access your files from anywhere anytime is a big bonus. Although, the free storage space of 15 GB might be enough for most remote workers if that is not the case for you then, you can pay a nominal fee of $1.99 per month to get 100 GB more space.

Rescue Time

When you are working remotely, there are no restrictions on you. Rescue Time helps you to avoid the temptation of wasting time on social media and other websites, instead of focusing on work.

Once installed, it runs silently in the background and monitors the time you spend on different websites and apps. Rescue Time gives remote workers with a detailed report highlighting where every minute of their day is spent. Are you addicted to a website or an app? You can set limits on your time on that website or app and Rescue Time will notify you when your time is up.

If that does not work, you can also block distracting websites altogether with Rescue Time to maintain focus.


Despite the emergence of different payment methods, sending and receiving payments can still be a hassle for remote workers. PayPal is a pioneer who kick-started the online payment revolution by making online payments a breeze.

It continues its legacy with its mobile app and let you send and receive payments from anywhere with few taps.

Users can also link their credit cards with PayPal mobile app and conduct financial transactions on the move.

Get instant notifications whenever you send, receive or spend money from your PayPal account to keep your finances in check. Whether you want to pay via credit card, debit card or any other mode, PayPal mobile app allows you the liberty to do so.

Which mobile apps do you use for remote work? Tell us about your favorite apps for remote work in the comments section below.

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