7 Tips on How to Promote on Social Media Using Hashtags

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May 30, 2018


Hashtag marketing is not new. However, it seems that many marketers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs have talked about it, did it for a while, and then forgot about it.

Marketers have started to underrate hashtags because their “trend value” has quickly disappeared. There was a big hype and now it’s gone. BUT.

That really doesn’t mean that hashtags are no longer incredibly helpful for the B2B environment. Studies show that tweets that contain hashtags get 2x the engagement of those who lack hashtags. But that’s not all that there is.

By effectively leveraging hashtags, your brand’s name can quickly become well-known across the world. Come up with a great campaign and you’ll be able to attract the top-quality clients that you’ve always wanted to do business with.

Well, in today’s post, we’re serving you 7 great tips to promote your business, products, and services on social media using #hashtags. These are not sequential steps but rather some good tips and tricks to do better once you start. Pay attention and apply!

1. Know Your Audience Very Well

First things first. Every time you jump into online promotion, you must acknowledge that the selection of your audience is the MOST important process that you must take care of in the first place.

“Hashtag marketing is simply a mini-strategy, a mini-way of improving your overall marketing performance. However, all these hashtags are addressed to the specific buyers who are truly interested in what you have to offer. Improve your target and you’ll improve your results.”– Jane Dawson, Marketing Manager at Rush My Essay.

These are words of wisdom because there are SO many marketers, businessmen, and digital entrepreneurs who fail to understand that their lack of success is primarily caused by the lack of understanding of their brand’s target audience.

2. Develop a Branded Hashtag

You should develop a hashtag that represents your brand. For example, #JustDoIt is Nike’s branded hashtag, and everyone can recognize it. Obviously, their branding is much more than that, but this is just a good example of how to effectively create and promote something that relates only to your brand.

Depending on your unique value proposition, you should find a keyword that truly reflects your brand’s value. Or, you can simply use your brand’s name. By doing so, your targeted audience will become familiar with your brand’s name.

There are many individuals who search for specific #hashtags to simply engage with more content on specific topics. You can see which hashtags are popular in your niche, and you can start posting it over and over again, generating more and more fresh traffic that had no clue about the existence of your brand.

Industry-specific hashtags are a great way to display your interest, knowledge, and expertise in your specific niche environment!

4. Don’t Over-Hashtag

Nobody loves people who exaggerate. Overdoing something means abusing it, and the effects of an abuse are always negative.

Even though you have to promote your brand and products hashtags in more places, make the difference between using more channels and spamming one channel with hundreds of hashtags. Here’s a good source that explicitly tells the average and the best use of #hashtags across different social platforms.

5. Keep Them Short and Concise

Hashtags are meant to be short, and that’s why people love it and use it so much. When it comes to posting hashtags for business, and especially hashtags which are dedicated towards a B2B audience, you’ll need to use the perfect words to describe what you mean.

Hashtags could be:

  • Brand related
  • Products related
  • News related
  • Trends related
  • Etc.

You see, no matter what type of hashtags you use, you should keep them short and concise. The latter word is the most important. Keeping a hashtag concise ensures that the people who follow it are likely to be satisfied with where they arrive.

6. Showcase Your Hashtag in All the Marketing Campaigns

Developing hashtags is simply not enough. In order to effectively leverage the power of hashtags, you should promote them throughout your content, website, and advertising campaigns.

The idea is to popularize your brand hashtags in order to improve your brand’s awareness. If the hashtag is accompanied by a valuable post, for example, the reputation of your brand hashtag (brand) will also grow.

Don’t forget to promote your hashtags on a consistent basis!


Hashtags were, are, and will surely be an effective marketing strategy that can help both B2B and B2C businesses thrive. Obviously, if you’re just starting, it’ll take you a while to get accustomed. However, mastering the “art of hashtags” will put you in a spot where only the use of hashtags will be sufficient for maintaining and growing your business performance!

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