8 Tips To Improve Your Business Writing

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July 21, 2017

Your career may not be based in writing, but your writing skills will play a role in your progression. The better your writing, the better your first impression is. Whether you are talking to co-workers or clients, this is so important it can’t be overstated. That’s why this guide has been put together. Use the 8 tips listed here to improve your business writing and get ahead at work.

1. Brevity is important

Nowadays, everyone is busy at work. You and your colleagues are all used to overflowing inboxes and hurried schedules. That’s why whenever you’re writing, you need to keep it short, concise, and to the point. Your reader doesn’t have a lot of time, and they need you to explain what you want as soon as possible. If you don’t, they’ll get frustrated or annoyed, and simply delete that email. The shorter you can make your communications, the better.

2. Keep sentences and paragraphs short

Related to the first tip, keep your sentences and paragraphs short, for greater impact. Break up a sentence into two, if you feel it’s getting too long. Limit your paragraphs to three or four sentences, too. You’ll make more of a statement if you make yourself keep your structure short, and it’ll make you get to the point quicker. It’s also important to look and see if you’re bringing up your main point soon enough. Ideally, your reason for getting in touch should be in the first sentence.

3. Use tools when needed

Sometimes, you can’t get the job done alone. That’s why you should find tools that can give you a helping hand when needed. Here are some tried and tested tools that will improve your writing:

  • Daily Page : This website offers prompts to help you start writing every day. Daily writing is the cornerstone for the development of good writing.
  • BoomEssays: Your grammar needs to be impeccable at work. This service will help you work and improve on it, so it’s up to standard.
  • Twords: This app will give you valuable feedback on your writing. It also nudges you to write, if you’re looking to write every day.
  • Сustom Paper Writing: This company can offer writing consulting, which is something every writer should use. Get in touch, and get help in improving your style.
  • Essayroo: This service will help with proofreading when you need it. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to review your own work.
  • Transcribe: This tool makes transcribing a breeze. If you work with transcribing spoken word interviews, you’ll love this.
  • Economic Essay Help: Work with other writers in this writing community and improve your skills. There are also several helpful guides you can put to use here.

4. Use people’s names

If you receive an email that isn’t addressed to you, how inclined are you to read it? The answer is, “not very”. If it’s a generic communication, it shows that the sender isn’t that concerned with who they’re writing to. Even worse, it can make your communication look like spam. This can be the reason why your emails are getting deleted without being read. If you’re sending communications, make sure that you find out the name of who you need to communicate with. Finding the right person, and contacting them directly, can mean a lot more than you’d think.

5. Be aware of your tone

When you speak to somebody in person, you’re utilizing a whole range of body language and non-verbal cues that you’re not even aware of. In fact, these make up the majority of communication.

That’s why it’s very easy to take things that are written down the wrong way. When writing, ensure that you’re paying attention to your tone. Keep it friendly, and never forget to check it over once it’s written. This can help head off any misunderstandings. Also, check online some useful business phrases to include into your letter.

6. Don’t get distracted

Business writing expert Gene Timpson at Accounting Assignment Help says, “Getting distracted when you’re writing is a bigger problem than you’d think. You may think it isn’t a problem if you break off in the middle of writing to do something else, but it is. Your tone can change drastically, and it can throw readers off. Try and keep your concentration the whole time you’re writing a piece. If you need some help keeping focused, that’s understandable. The internet is a large place and there’s plenty there to keep you distracted from the task at hand. You can find writing tools that remove all distractions to help you write, so give them a try if they’re needed.”

7. Read more

It’s a very simple step, but many aspiring writers completely skip it. If you want to improve at writing, you need to read more. After all, if you’re not being exposed to good writing, then you can’t see what it looks like. Read a wide variety of materials, including fiction, nonfiction, industry materials, and more. Seek out new and exciting materials to read, and you’ll see more writing which you can then emulate.

8. Always proofread and edit

This should go without saying, but your writing should always be proofread and edited before you send it out. If you can, leave it for at least a day before you come back to it. That way you can get some distance from it and you’ll be able to see where edits need to be made. If you’re finding it hard to make the edits, then ask a trusted colleague if they can look over it for you. They can find the errors that you keep missing in your text. Finally, you can always try using one of the services listed in tip #3 to help you out when you need it.

Good writing isn’t that difficult, once you know the right tricks to get you started. Use these tips to start improving your writing, and you’ll see the difference it makes in your career.

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