A complete sync solution for your Happy Grasshopper's contact data

Integration applications

A sync Solution for Happy Grasshopper

Most apps are not natively integrated. This means you have to work out a way to get contact data from one app to another. If you are using Happy Grasshopper for email marketing campaigns next to your CRM, lead generation app, Google Contacts, and five other tools, you might be familiarized with the challenges it implies. You have customer data everywhere!

A lot of businesses use the time-wasting import/export method your apps are never really up-to-date. Others use one-way pushes, but that often results in duplicates and it won’t act upon your historical data, generating mistakes.

PieSync provides a two-way or bi-directional integration to sync contacts, leads or companies between cloud-based apps. You can personalize your synchronization by choosing to sync your entire database or just a subset.

This easy-to-use sync solution needs to be set up just once and from thereon works in the background. It will be constantly checking your connected apps for updates so whenever you add or update contact information in either app, you can have it up-to-date in the other one in real time.

These are the applications you can have in sync with Happy Grasshopper today:

The app you need is not here? No worries, we are adding new apps weekly! Vote for your favorite app here.

Do you prefer one-way sync? Or do you need to sync only some contacts and place them on the right subscription list? Customize your sync so you can choose which contacts to sync and how!

A customized experience

PieSync offers an "if-this-then-that" set of rules that will enable you to choose the subset of contacts you need to sync. You can do so based on tags, categories, labels, subscribers lists, etc.

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The dashboard will show the typical contacts' fields like first name, last name or email address mapped by default. Additionally, you can map the rest of your custom-made fields thanks to the custom fields option.

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The best benefit of PieSync is accurate data. Once I turn on my 2-way sync, every change I make will be replicated back and forth. - Andrew Caton, RE/MAX Realtor

PieSync as a Zapier alternative or complement

Zapier is great for one-way data pushes. If you’re using web forms on your website and you want to push that data to your CRM, Zapier is what you need.

It is a trigger-based app and will only operate when a trigger is pulled, pushing all the data to another database. But in this process, Zapier won’t check if an update is necessary and it won’t sync data.

PieSync is constantly checking for updates in your data. You can also choose which app is your “source of truth” so you won’t accidentally sync the incorrect information. PieSync is great for when you want to continuously sync correct, up to date, error-free information across your cloud apps.

Learn more about the differences between these two great tools.

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