A full 2-way sync: Get the most out of Pipedrive and Infusionsoft

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August 23, 2019


Are you using both Pipedrive and Infusionsoft? Do you wish these two could communicate with each other? You’re not alone. PieSync helps you create an intelligent connection between Pipedrive and Infusionsoft.

Both applications can be used as CRMs, but Infusionsoft can also be used as a marketing automation platform. Pipedrive is mostly used as a powerful CRM, while Infusionsoft by Keap serves as a marketing engine bringing in leads into Pipedrive. Therefore, a lot of businesses use these two apps together.

Why not just use Zapier to connect these two platforms?

You might think, why not just use Zapier to connect Pipedrive to Infusionsoft?

Well, these zaps only work one-way, so for an easy and straightforward connection, Zapier may do the trick. However, if you need various workflows, it gets quite complicated.

Another limitation is that, annoyingly, Zapier will only work for new contacts or new subscribers. This means that all the contacts that are already in either system won’t be part of the sync you set up.

How can PieSync help?

Unlike Zapier's one-way sync, PieSync will check several things prior to moving contacts from one side to the other:

  1. PieSync will check which contacts are already stored in Pipedrive and in Infusionsoft. With this information, your historical data can also be synced.
  2. Which contacts can be found in both apps? It’s up to you which one of the apps ‘wins’ when there is a conflict or when the information is updated in one of the apps.
  3. Who should be attached to a campaign, and who shouldn’t be at all?

Now, according to the sync rules you specify, PieSync will truly match up your Pipedrive’s database with Infusionsoft. And it’s not a one time thing - as contacts evolve constantly, PieSync keeps them in sync moving forward.

This means that you won’t have to worry about manually importing or exporting data ever again or about having duplicates or outdated data! Sounds great, right?

Setting up the sync

Setting up a sync between Pipedrive and Infusionsoft is a breeze. A popup will open inside PieSync, so just log in to both platforms respectively. This brings you to the sync setup, where you can leave everything in its default settings or create some custom syncs.


The default setting of a sync is always a two-way sync. This means you allow PieSync to transfer changes you make to contacts in Infusionsoft as well as in Pipedrive.

We recommend you to keep this two-way setting. Make sure you understand the two rules that you start off with by default:

  • All contacts in Pipedrive will go into Infusionsoft, so that may include personal contacts.
  • All contacts in Infusionsoft will go into Pipedrive, so you're running the risk of making this sync very heavy depending on your database.

To avoid unwanted scenarios, you can apply filters or turn off any of these two rules if they don't fit your workflow.

Sync these two apps

What about filters and actions?

Piesync offers you filters to provide much more nuance in your sync.

For example, the contacts in Pipedrive with a 'Won deals' count greater than 0 will go into Infusionsoft with the tag 'Deal won in Pipedrive'. Contacts with a 'lost deals' count greater than 0 in Pipedrive will go into Infusionsoft with the tag 'Not interested 2019'.

if-then pipedrive infusionsoft

if-then pipedrive-infusionsoft

At the bottom, you have the option to consider your rule also in the other way around. You can use these if-then rules to sync your contacts any way you like, so there are endless possibilities!

Pre-programmed options

In addition, PieSync gives you some pre-programmed options to manage the sync, such as making a choice of which application would ‘win’ when a conflicting change is detected.

conflict pipedrive-infusionsoft

This toggle is very useful when creating a sync between Pipedrive and Infusionsoft and both apps have already a lot of contacts in common before syncing. For example, if Steve’s phone number exists in both applications, PieSync has to know which of the two phone numbers to keep moving forward.

Another helpful tool is the dashboard, where you can follow the progress of your sync.


We hope you're all set now! If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at our help center.

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