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May 10, 2018


People love emails. Trust me, emails have been loved for ages and still remain to be loved over other marketing platforms. Your target audience is probably checking their emails every day, which is why you should use this platform to promote yourself.

But what is a good email campaign? In my opinion, an email campaign that gets you maximum customer engagement from your target audience/group of contacts is a good email campaign.

Check out this to-do list that will help you get more customer engagement and ensure you an effective marketing email campaign:

A Subject line that persuades recipients to open

The first thing recipients read is the “subject” line. If you fail to catch attention in this stage, there is no chance to get readers attention in the email body. People tend to skip emails with long subject lines, so keep it short. You also have to create content powerful enough to persuade people to actually open the email.

Important: Skip spam words. Don't use words like “Sales”, “ Offer”, “Free” etc. These can send you directly to the spam bin and your email might never get opened. Here are some more tips about the subject line.

Personalize email with Name

Using your customer’s name makes them feel like the email is written for him/her. Recipients are aware that these can be marketing emails, but using their names makes it a bit more personal and interesting for them.

Doubting between “Hi Simon” or “Hello Ms.Parker”? If you are not sure of how your salutations should look, check out these email etiquettes salutation tips and tricks. To go deeper into personalization, you can also make sure your email body is personalized.

Say no to just text

Let your email be interactive. Reading just text is absolutely boring. You need to start gaining interest as soon as the email is opened and only text will not help. Have images and Call to Action Buttons to engage your reader. Here are some ideas for your CTA buttons.

When you write email body, the goal is to make the recipient do something with the email. It can be reply to email, click on subscription link, click on call or share their further contact details like phone number. Draft your email in a way in which is less reading and more engagement.

Track emails

Tracking emails will help you see who has opened your emails and who has not. Based on these statistics, you can follow-up with your clients/contacts accordingly. If your email is opened but the client has not replied, you can try sending more personalized emails and check the engagement.

You can also set a series of follow-up emails which might help in getting more replies and increasing your email response rate. An Email CRM can do both things for you, it will help you send emails and also track them at the same time.

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Add value

In email marketing, people love to see what they will get in return. Add value to your email, even if it is just an informative email. Either you solve their problem, share information that matters or give them some goodies.

A good idea is to share free coupons, free trial period subscription, free offer etc. This will make the reader feel that he is getting something in return for any action that he does with the email you sent. Your reader will also be your loyal follower as he knows that he will get something in every email you send him and that your emails are not junk.

Important: Don’t bombard your recipients with unwanted emails.

Know the best time to send an email for your target audience

Know your target audience and demographics. Also keep in mind your business model. If you are in a B2B business model, send emails to your target audience during working hours. The reason behind this tip is that these type of readers won’t go through your email after their working hours.

On the other hand, if you are in B2C model, it’s better to send emails during lunch time, evening or weekends. This will increase the chances that your email gets opened and your reader engage with it.

Use A/B testing method

First, let’s take a quick glance of what A/B testing is and how it can help you.

A/B testing enables you to analyse which among two email campaigns has been the most successful in terms of getting more clicks or open rates. This type of testing is usually known as split testing.

There can be various aspects that you can test:

  • Call to Action: For instance, “Call Now” or “Sign-up now”
  • Subject lines like: “Let us get connected for a call” or “Can we have a quick call?”
  • Personalized salutation: “Hello Mr.Freeman” or “Hi Morgan”.
  • Specific offers or discounts: “Save 10%” or “Buy one get one Free”.

Each of the above mentioned factors has an impact on the success of your email marketing campaign. You must be wondering how? Let me explain: Your CTA (Call to Action) buttons should persuade the reader to take action on the email he/she just read. Similarly, your subject lines will increase the chance of your mails being opened. These are the actual results desired when it comes to having a successful email campaign.

Mobile is necessary

It is highly recommended that your email can be opened on mobile without any trouble. The open rate also depends on the device that your reader is using. Generally it is observed that desktop users read emails during day time and mobile users are prone to open emails during the night and also, tend to answer your emails.

Mobile users can open an email anytime anywhere, which means that your emails can also get opened whenever your reader is free. Make your email designs responsive and they will get you the highest open rates!

Also, test if all your emails are getting rendered on multiple browsers and email providers. In-short, eliminate all the possible barriers that are stopping you from reaching a recipients mailbox.

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