A New and Better Way to Integrate your RingCentral Contacts with PieSync

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January 8, 2019

RingCentral Webinar-

PieSync + RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud PBX that solves communication needs offering products such as team messaging, video meetings, contact center solutions, and a digital customer engagement product.

In 2017, and through RingCentral's open platform, PieSync partnered up with this VoIP to provide a unique contact synchronization solution between RingCentral and over 150+ other cloud-based business applications.

PieSync keeps contacts in sync bidirectionally and in real-time with the best-of-breed apps for small and medium businesses. This means that whenever you add or change a contact's information in RingCentral, you'll have it up-to-date in the other app, and vice versa.

Why do you need 2-way contact sync?

Each business has its own structure and within this structure, each team has its own software stack. A typical business uses email marketing tools, accountancy apps, customer support platforms, VoIP systems, among others. The problem is that these tools don't really talk to each other. Actually, some of them don't even speak the same informatic language!

This conflict generates isolated islands of data and the lack of a complete view of the customers. Some businesses opt for one-way triggers or manual import/export, but as soon as they need to update one of the existing contacts, they get duplicates or conflicting information.

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PieSync is constantly checking and interpreting the data of each connected apps to align different teams, ensuring that they all have up-to-date, enriched data.

Key advantages of the integration

  • Save time
  • Work on any device with accurate data
  • Increase ROI
  • Streamline Teamwork
  • Boost Productivity

A few weeks ago Aron Gosselin, Partner Program Manager at PieSync and Sangeeta Walsh, Product Marketing Director at RingCentral, got together for a webinar in which they talked about the main advantages of this integration. They also shared different use cases, including the popular 2-way sync between RingCentral and a CRM.

Watch the webinar

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