5 Key Advantages of Accounting + CRM Software Integration

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April 13, 2018

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Advantages of Accounting + CRM Software Integration

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A lot has been said about the importance of data. But what about the importance of data integration? Data isn't static,  it's a dynamic resource.  Changes in address, billing information, phone numbers, industry, etc. are constantly happening to your data. These changes occur so fast that databases can become stale within minutes. This happens for one reason alone: your apps aren't integrated!

So if a change happens in your marketing app, it won't be reflected in your CRM. Countless hours are wasted on database maintenance, costing businesses huge amounts of time and money.

To avoid isolated data, you should take a look at a reliable app integration solution here.

Two of the main victims of isolated data are the departments of Sales and Accounting.  Here are 5 Key Advantages of creating an integration between your Accounting Software and your CRM:

1. Save Time

Salespeople can easily picture this situation: Someone is calling you, you have tagged him as "prospect" on your CRM. But what if he has already converted? Sure, you can open your billing app and search for... wait, he hung up.

By integrating your billing software with the rest of your SaaS Stack, you can have immediate access to up-to-date information whenever you need it.

Next to this, think about the time you are saving if you no longer have to export/import data from your billing tool to your CRM, or the other way around.

Steve Seymour from Aimtrac Group Ltd. uses Stripe as his billing software and FullContact as a contact enrichment tool connected to his CRM. He has created an integration between  apps to improve sales and customer experience and save time:

“It’s important to have the billing information available in other tools. For instance, if a customer calls me on my phone and I see the Stripe tag on FullContact, then I know I will be talking to an active customer before I pick the call.” Says Steve.

See Steve's full story here

2. Ensure Clean Data

Manual data entry is not only time-consuming, it also increases the possibility of human errors and duplicates. Discrepancies between your CRM and accounting tool are difficult to fix and can make you look extremely unprepared and unreliable in front of customers, prospects, and suppliers.

How bad can it be? Gartner estimated the impact of bad data and came to the conclusion that bad data can result in 25% loss in revenue.

Specialized synchronization solutions can help you manage duplicate contacts and help you ensure quality data.

Justin Abbate, CEO at Von Rick is integrating his billing software with other tools using PieSync's intelligent syncing service. He says:

“For me, the best thing about PieSync is the peace of mind. Once you turn on your sync your team and you will be on the same page and keep each other accountable. There are very few technologies that can offer that”

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3. Enhance the Sales Process

Your accounting tool stores valuable information associated with the different stages of your customer's lifecycle and it helps you categorize your customers.  By integrating your accounting software with your CRM, your are sharing key information to improve the quality of your sales automations and the customer experience.

What we like the most is the possibility of picking up the phone and knowing exactly who the client is. It doesn’t matter if the colleague that usually talks to him or her is on a holiday or unavailable. Anyone from the team can have access to his full records and give them personalized service. – Bram Callewier, Founder & CEO at Stoneasy

According to Marketo, 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand.

4. Refine your segmentation

The tags, categories, labels or groups created in your accounting app can help you refine your CRM segmentation for sales and marketing purposes.

For instance, Aimtrac Group Ltd. uses Xero as their accounting app and Pipedrive as a CRM.  Xero contacts are initially distributed into two categories: Suppliers and Customers.

When we started to send out emails with brand information, we realized most information was not relevant to our suppliers. We are now syncing Xero segmentation (...) to be sure we are sending the right content to the right people. – Steve Seymour, Director at Aimtrac Group Ltd.

5.  Elevate your business performance

By collecting information of each app of your SaaS Stack into your CRM, you obtain a 360º view of your customer. Your business performance will skyrocket if they have a clear picture of your customer's interactions across each department.

Integration also makes communication between apps, and therefore between the teams, smooth.  Especially for small businesses working with an accounting app and a CRM,  there's a clear need to have their invoice information in sync with their CRM  for accurate revenue reports, understanding the profile of each customer, etc.

Epic Design Labs is using Recurly as a billing software, SharpSpring as a CRM and PieSync as the glue that keeps all integrated. Whenever a client buys one of Epic Design Labs’ services, their profile is updated in Recurly to “Active Client.” PieSync syncs that information in real time to an email list in SharpSpring.

PieSync ofers a way to have the full customer data interact between apps. It’s an upgrade in the functionality of SharpSpring, because now it talks to the other apps and gathers the information across our business. It’s unifying departments. – Kalon Wiggins, Digital Marketer at Epic Design Labs

Did we forget any key advantages of integrating your Accounting app and your CRM? Please, let us know in the comments below.


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