Why we are excited to join the HubSpot family


Today, we’re very excited to announce the next chapter in PieSync’s story.

When we founded PieSync seven years ago, we set out to solve a very specific, but very real problem - syncing contacts. Back then, the SaaS integration space for small businesses looked very different. Thanks to a booming number of applications with an ever-expanding range of specializations, the space has been evolving, and so has our vision.

The customer - and customer experience - is more than ever at the center of doing business. Combining and syncing customer data across the 40+ applications used on average in a company is crucial to understand the customer on a deeper level and to craft a more meaningful experience. PieSync has built a platform that enables our 3000+ happy customers to do exactly that: create a unified customer record in any app by keeping customer data in real-time sync.

HubSpot deeply understands the customer-centric world, as they’ve been helping businesses grow better for a long time. Their platform vision resonates with us. Combining the powers of PieSync and HubSpot will bring us a big step closer to making that vision a reality.

We’ve been working closely with HubSpot for the past 4 years, building a solid and successful partnership. We’ve always been impressed with what HubSpot has built, and the way they’ve built it. PieSync joining HubSpot started to make a lot of sense on every level.

HubSpot and PieSync genuinely care about building a great product that solves for the customer. Both teams believe in attracting customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. In addition, we both believe in the central role that a company’s culture plays in all aspects of its success, from recruiting and retaining top talent to creating a trustworthy and delightful experience for customers.

Together, we are more than ever committed to deliver a platform that enables businesses to better understand and adapt to their customers, no matter where their customer data lives.

We are humbled by the work and dedication of each and every member of our rockstar team, and want to thank them for their commitment and loyalty. Special thanks to our investors who believed in the potential of PieSync. We could never have done this without them.

We’re extremely proud of what PieSync has accomplished in the past seven years, and can’t wait to discover what lies ahead.


What’s next

PieSync will keep on syncing, just like before!

Over time, we’ll be integrating the PieSync technology more tightly into the HubSpot platform, offering our customers an even more powerful and seamless solution to integrate customer data from the numerous apps and tools they use every day.

Our customers and partners are our lifeblood, so ensuring continuity and a smooth transition is our number one priority.

Thank you to all the PieSync users and partners that have helped make PieSync what it is today and will keep shaping what we’ll do for years to come!


Ewout and Mattias

About Ewout Meyns

Ewout is our Founder and CEO, he is straight-forward and direct. He’s a friendly chap and never fails to motivate the team to perform at their best. He makes sure we keep moving forward.