The new way to keep Agendor CRM contacts in sync is here! It's a 2-Way Sync!

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February 27, 2019

Agendor 2waysync

About Agendor

Agendor CRM is an app that helps Small and Medium Businesses to organize and increase sales. This CRM allows you to organize and centralize your customer information, track sales and analyze ongoing business - free and where you are.

From now on, you can keep your contacts in sync between Agendor CRM and many other business applications. It's a 2-way contact sync that works in real time! Check out all the possibilities:

Agendor CRM + PieSync

Did you know isolated data is one of the most common sources of inefficiency in any department or organization? Data silo or isolated data happens when only one group in an organization can access a set or source of data. Usually, the reason behind data silo is that the different software tools across the company are not communicating between them.

PieSync's mission is to put a stop to isolated data. It's sync engine helps you create an intelligent connection between Agendor and more than 160+ cloud-based apps in real time. Take a look at all the apps available:

The app you need is not here yet? We are adding new ones every week! Vote for your favorite one and we'll make sure to let you know when it's available.

During the initial sync,the service matches the existing, historical data between the two systems and merges your duplicate contacts. Later on, PieSync’s method is to continually check and understand the data in both apps, whenever someone adds or modifies a contact's information in either connected app, it will be automatically updated in the other app according to your exact criteria.

It means no more worrying about manually import/export, duplicates or outdated data!

Configure your sync according to your business needs

PieSync will "automagically" map your apps' standard fields such as name, address, phone, email, etc.

sync agendor

Plus, you can map your customized fields the way you want:

custom integration crm

You can create more nuance by using “Ifthisthenthat” rules or conditions. These rules enable you to accomplish complex automatic workflows across your apps.

agendor integration

Start Syncing!

PieSync as a Zapier alternative or complement

Zapier is great for one-way data pushes. If you’re using web forms on your website and you want to push that data to your CRM, Zapier is what you need.

It is a trigger-based app and will only operate when a trigger is pulled, pushing all the data to another database. But in this process, Zapier won’t check if an update is necessary and it won’t sync data.

PieSync is constantly checking for updates in your data. You can also choose which app is your “source of truth” so you won’t accidentally sync the incorrect information. PieSync is great for when you want to continuously sync correct, up to date, error-free information across your cloud apps. Learn more about the differences between these two great tools.

Learn how to setup your sync

For more information on how to configure your sync, visit our Help Center.

What are you waiting for?

Start Syncing!

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