Hotel-Spider trusts PieSync to keep their contact data in sync between Aircall, MailChimp, Zoho CRM and Zendesk

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March 14, 2019

Hotel-Spider -Case

Based in Switzerland, Tourisoft is a company with over 15 years of experience in the hotel technology market. Through their platform, Hotel-Spider, they imagine, develop and deploy cloud-based solutions for the hospitality industry. Their goal? To give control back to the hotelier with the best-of-breed technology.

Much like PieSync, Hotel-Spider offers a sync solution business-to-business. They synchronize data from different booking sources to centralize it and make it accessible for the hotels who hire their services.

Across their sales and support processes, relationships and people are the core of all they do. To ensure the quality of each interaction with their leads and subscribers, they use Zoho as their CRM, Aircall as a phone system, Zendesk for support ticketing, and MailChimp for emailing.

Hotel-Spider trusts PieSync to keep the contact data stored within these great tools in sync with each other.

Inside Hotel-Spider Software Stack

Elisha Schoppig, Operations Manager at Tourisoft, answers 90% of his calls via Aircall.

“We’ve been using Aircall for about a year now, we were searching for something cloud-based that we could use from anywhere, scalable, and that could be applied anywhere. The only option with these characteristics available in Switzerland, was Aircall. It offers a lot of flexibility, and many options.”

At the center of their business, they have Zoho CRM. “Basically anyone who has been in contact with us either as a lead or as a subscriber exists in Zoho,” explains Elisha.

Through MailChimp they send out email marketing communications to their leads, and share product updates with their current subscribers.

Last but not least, to offer a top-of-the line support service, Hotel-Spider uses Zendesk ticketing functionalities to reply timely and effectively to their subscribers.

This software stack enables sales actions and many different email communications. The typical sales process for Hotel-Spider begins when someone fills out a form on their website and a lead is created in Zoho. But what to do with this data if it’s isolated in a CRM?

The problem

Elisha and his team understand the importance of segmentation on email communications. Next to the distinction they need to have between leads and subscribers, they also have different lists in MailChimp according to the person’s language. This information was stored only in Zoho CRM. So here’s the first challenge Hotel-Spider had to face: How to keep in sync Zoho CRM contacts, leads and language preferences with MailChimp?

Elisha remembers the hassle to keep those lists up-to-date before PieSync:

“We are constantly getting new leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. Before PieSync, every two weeks I used to manually import/export lists from Zoho into MailChimp. The result was an hour of work and 80% of the time there were mistakes.”

At this point, Aircall was not yet on the picture, but the possibility of adding this tool represented a second challenge. “Though Zoho and Aircall have a native integration, you can only see the calls on Zoho’s platforms, not the other way around,” explains Elisha. “For us, it’s very important to see who is calling directly on our phones, wherever we are.”

The Solution


“I tried other one-way tool but that didn’t work. Then I stumble into PieSync and saw they covered everything we needed. Now we have Zoho, our core system, connected to all the other data management tools we use,” says Elisha.

The workflow between MailChimp and Zoho is simple but powerful. Whenever a lead coming from their website is created in Zoho, PieSync will automatically add it to the right list in MailChimp. The same happens with contacts (current subscribers), they can come from any source, but once they are gathered in Zoho, their contact information will be synced into MailChimp.

PieSync is constantly checking for changes in Zoho to update MailChimp. This means that even if the information is updated after the sync is set, Elisha won’t have problems with duplicates or out-of-date information.

Simultaneously, the integration between Aircall and Zoho CRM via PieSync gives them access to quality contact information from any device.


Another big benefit of using PieSync is the possibility to map custom fields between Zendesk and Zoho CRM. “There’s already a native integration between Zoho and Zendesk that sends our tickets into Zoho. But PieSync adds an extra value with their custom fields features. There’s some custom information in Zoho such as account ID and salutation (Miss, Mister, Madame, etc.) that I automate to have it available for macros in Zendesk,” says Elisha.

“We went from no integration and data silos to have synchronized data across our business.”

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