RE/MAX realtor Andrew Caton uses PieSync to keep GSuite in sync with Copper

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June 21, 2018


The best benefit of PieSync is accurate data. Once I turn on my 2-way sync, every change I make will be replicated back and forth. 
 - Andrew Caton, RE/MAX Realtor

About RE/MAX

RE/MAX is an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system. The company has held the number one market share in the United States and Canada since 1999.

A realtor’s path to success

“There’s No Place Like This” - Andrew Caton, a Hamilton Realtor in the heart of Southern Ontario, works with his wife and team. But Andrew’s story doesn’t start here.

Before the real estate industry, he worked in Information Technology. “I’ve always been interested in technology. When I first started to work in Real Estate 10 years ago, I immediately noticed technology was not being utilized as much as in other industries,” remembers Andrew. But his discovery, instead of stopping him from using technology in his new job, encouraged him to search for the best tools to boost his business.

The Challenge

For a realtor, contact information and customer relationships are everything.“A few years ago, I started using a CRM. I took a look at probably around 10 CRMs, and none of them had exactly what I wanted. But then I found Copper and I saw how well it works with GSuite. I use GSuite for everything so I thought to myself: This is clearly the correct CRM for me,” says Andrew.

But this tech-savvy realtor didn’t stop there. “I knew I was not utilizing my CRM as well as I could. I’m constantly out on the road and it became incredibly difficult to have some contacts on my phone, some on my CRM, etc. Data was everywhere! I needed something that would sync the contacts of my phone, with my Gmail, and other tools, says Andrew.

How PieSync Helped

There are countless amounts of tools offering integrations. But what made Andrew finally decide for PieSync was the possibility to integrate bi-directionally. “When I started searching for solutions to sync up contacts I realized there were many services that offered a type of integration, but they didn’t really sync. They would simply push data in one direction. If I made an update in a contact in either app, it was not up-to-date in the other one, or vice versa. And it’s not productive to have to change data in 4 or 5 different places,” says Andrew.

PieSync’s intelligent engine works 2-way and in real time. This means PieSync is constantly checking Andrew’s Google Contacts and Copper contacts for updates. The service also allows Andrew to determine which apps contain the most reliable data and enables him to decide which tags, categories or lists to keep in sync. 

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After a smooth setup that Andrew describes as “virtually seamless” and “super easy”, he found peace of mind when it comes to contact management. “The best benefit of PieSync is accurate data. Once I turn on my 2-way sync, every change I make will be replicated back and forth. If I get a message from someone to whom I sold a house 5 years ago, I know exactly who is sending me the message, I know where they live, their email address, and I know all this before I give them a call back. With PieSync I can pick up a relationship right where I left off. That allows me to offer my clients a service 1.000 times more professional,” says Andrew.

For the future

Andrew’s enthusiasm for tools that help him boost his productivity doesn’t stop here. Currently, he is preparing his data in other apps to start syncing. Soon he will start connecting MailChimp with Copper and Google Contacts to send out Newsletters. The best part? He knows it will be a piece of cake. text in italic “All I have to do is setup another connection. No import, no export, no waste of time. My data will be the same, all the time, in all my apps,” says Andrew.

RE/MAX Case Study - Andrew Caton

The best benefit of PieSync is accurate data. Once I turn on my 2-way sync, every change I make will be replicated back and forth.

Andrew Caton

Andrew is a qualified Sales Representative for Re/Max Escarpment Realty, Inc., specializing in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Andrew has an insatiable desire to expand his knowledge and in so doing is a copious reader. He is a dedicated husband and proud father of two young children. You can contact him via email at

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