Announcing our connector PipelineDeals!

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February 11, 2016

PipelineDeals has great customer relationship management and sales CRM software to organize, track, and manage your deals, leads, and contacts. And we have added them to our connections list!

Whether you’re adding a new contact or editing an existing one, the change will be immediately reflected on the other side.

You can choose to sync all your contacts or just a segment of them, based on CRM tags, Google groups or marketing lists. We also sync unsubscribes back from MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to PipelineDeals.

We are adding new connections every month, but currently sync your PipelineDeals contacts with:

...and many more!

Fields that currently get synced bidirectionally

We’re always improving our product and syncing more fields, but for this first release we’re syncing these fields:

Google Contacts:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email addresses
  • Websites
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Company name
  • Company title
  • Summary

Active Campaign:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company name

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

Feel free to let us know which fields you’d like to sync at Since we’re always looking to improve our product, we appreciate any feedback you have for us!

How to get your contacts in sync:

Sign in or sign up for a free PieSync trial (we only need your name and email address).Select which services you’d like to keep in sync by clicking their logos. Then click ‘Add connection’:

sync Pipelinedeals with Campaign Monitor Google Contacts Hubspot ActiveCampaign, Freshbooks, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Office 365,, Quickbooks, Zendesk PieSync

Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your two apps, set filters and start syncing. And that's it! Within 5 mins, your connections will be active and you can go on with your lives. How exciting is that?! For more info on our integration with PipelineDeals, check out their website.

Happy syncing!

Written by Laura Lee Schultz