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February 25, 2016

Sync Batchbook with Google Contacts, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign

Batchbook sync

Great news for Batchbook users! Batchbook and PieSync have joined forces, which means you can now sync your contacts two-way and in real time between your favorite business apps!

What is PieSync?

No more data entry headaches. Your contact information will always be up to date and correct. Unlike other syncing programs that only do a one-way sync, PieSync allows you to sync both ways and in real time.

This means you can add, delete or edit your contacts in Batchbook or in Google Contacts, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, and it will automatically update both apps instantly.

PieSync gives you the ultimate flexibility for your SaaS stack. Think of it as the glue that binds all your business apps together. You can pick and choose which apps suit your business needs best.

No longer want to use an app? No problem! Just take it out of the sync and replace it with a new one. Your contacts will be synced to your new app, making integration of this app into your existing stack a seamless operation. Start a 14-day trial and see for yourself.

PieSync is easy to set up

You can setup your first sync in under 5 minutes. First sign up for a Free Trial at PieSync

No installation or download

PieSync exists in the cloud so you don’t have to download or install any software.

Add Teams

Don’t keep PieSync for yourself! Invite your whole team to use PieSync. You can share contacts, and keep each other in sync.

Share accurate customer information across your teams.

PieSync can sync your marketing, sales and customer care platforms together, so your teams can have a 360° overview on every customer at all times.

Avoid Duplications

Thanks to the smart syncing function, PieSync has the ability to weed out duplicates.


For more info about Batchbook, check out their website.Happy Syncing!

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