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March 3, 2016

You can now sync with your favorite cloud apps using PieSync! syncs Batchbook BigContacts Campaign Monitor Capsule CRM Follow up Boss Google Contacts Highrise Nimble OnePageCRM Pipedrive Pipelinedeals Podio Workbooks ActiveCampaign Insightly MailChimp Prosperworks Saesforce Hubspot Infusionsoft Hubspot CRM Freshbooks Quickbooks ZohoCRM SalesforceIQ Office365 Base CRMUnlike other syncing programs that only do a one-way sync, PieSync allows you to sync both ways and in real time. This means you can add, delete or edit your contacts in or your other cloud apps, and it will automatically update both apps instantly.

5 Minute PieSync Setup

You can setup your first sync with in under 5 minutes. Here’s how you do it;We’ll use Google Contacts as an example. First sign up for a Free Trial at PieSync PieSync sync free trialFill in some details: Piesync detailsThen you’ll be on your new dashboard and you can see all the connections sync PieSyncClick on the icon and then the Google Contacts Icon. Then click “Add Connection” Google Contacts PieSyncYou’ll then need to click on the “Connect Google Contacts” button Google Contacts PieSyncIf you’re logged in with your Google Contacts, it will automatically connect with your account, otherwise, you’ll need to sign in.Now that your Google Contacts is connected, you’ll need to connect your account by clicking “Connect” (who knew?) Google Contacts PieSyncYou’ll need to authorize PieSyncHit the “Connect” button and you’ll see this PieSyncGrant access to PieSync and then you’ll see this: Google Contacts PieSync syncYou’ve got a couple of options here, you can apply multiple rules for syncing by selecting which Google Contacts Groups you want to sync with You can sync one way if you need to, and you can help avoid duplicates by syncing only email addresses. The Sync Deletions Feature is for now only available on the Medium and Large plans, but it is really handy if you’ve synced all your Desk.Com contacts to Google Contacts, then you merged all your duplicates in Google Contacts. The deleted contacts will show up in under a special tag piesync_trash, so you can double check if you really want to delete the contact.Once you’re done, click on the “Start Syncing” button. You’ll see the active synchronization - if you have lots of contacts this can take awhile, so grab a coffee while you wait. Once everything is synced you’ll see this screen which tells you how many contacts have been updated in the past 24 hours. You can always come back here to check on your syncs. sync PieSyncNow what? Nothing! Sit back and relax. PieSync will make sure all of your contacts are synced two-way and in real time.Happy Syncing!

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