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April 20, 2017 two-way contact sync is here! 2way sync fans will be happy to learn that now has a two-way contact sync between and your favorite cloud apps, thanks to PieSync! This means you can keep your Contacts up to date across all of your connected cloud apps. Here are all the apps you can currently sync with:

What is the two-way contacts sync?

You probably use a whole bunch of different apps to run your business., email marketing, marketing automation, etc, etc. The problem is these apps are rarely integrated. So you painfully import/exporting data every month between the apps - which means the data is never really up to date. Or you're stuck with manual data entry which is such a waste of time! You could try and find apps that natively integrate - but let's face it, your choice of apps becomes severely limited. That's where PieSync steps in. PieSync automatically syncs your databases between your connected cloud apps, two-way and in real time. You never have to manually transfer data again! Your cloud apps will always be up to date with the correct customer and prospect information. The best part? You have over 50 apps to choose from , so you're not restricted by native integrations. Love freedom to choose the apps you want to work with? Sign-up for a 14-day free trial today!

Benefits of Using PieSync

PieSync allows you to sync your with all your favorite cloud apps, such as Freshbooks,, Zendesk, HubSpot and Google Contacts – and more! 3 Minute Set-up It's easy to set up the two-way contacts sync and requires no coding. Simply link your accounts within the PieSync dashboard, and PieSync will take care of the rest. Save time on data entry PieSync syncs all your contacts two-way across your favorite cloud apps, so you only have to enter customer data once. Our users save at least 25 hours per month on contacts management. Reduce Manual Errors Because you only have to enter your data once, you’ll dramatically decrease manual errors. How’s that for clean data? No more import/export of your contacts Most cloud apps work with import/export functions, which means you have to periodically remember to update your cloud apps with new data. With PieSync, you no longer have to manually import/export your data. PieSync automatically transfers your data, and any updates you make, in real time, across all your connected cloud apps. One database across all your cloud apps Instead of working in data silos, PieSync syncs all your customer data together. Which means your team can work from the same transparent database, in real time. Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms. Are your marketing, sales and customer service teams working from separate platforms in data silos? PieSync can sync your marketing, sales and customer care platforms together so your teams can have a 360° overview on every customer at all times. You’ll turn the average customer into brand advocates in no time. Update contact information on your mobile phone – perfect for remote teams! If you’re working with remote teams, or teams that are out talking to customers all day long, PieSync is the perfect solution for you. Remote teams will have access to correct, up to date information instantly. Why not give the two-way contact sync a go?

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