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September 7, 2017

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About Apptivo

Apptivo's online CRM system is a powerful tool to manage your sales, marketing, and much more. CRM sits at the core of Apptivo's integrated suite of business apps, providing a complete suite to tools to gain a 360° view of your customer. Their CRM includes lead management, an opportunity pipeline with intuitive dashboards, and flexible workflow tools including marketing automation. Everything is completely accessible from your Android or iOS device and integrated with Office365 & G Suite.

Now you can sync Apptivo with these apps:

About PieSync

PieSync is a 2-Way Contact Sync tool that integrates more than 80 cloud apps. Which means that if you update your contact data in one app, you will have it in the other one in real time. It works in one or two directions (whichever you prefer) between your favorite apps.

Let's say your Accountancy Team uses Quickbooks and your Customer Service Team is working with Apptivo. Since these apps are not in sync, it's hard to keep everything up-to-date. As a consequence, each team has isolated data.

That's where PieSync Steps in!

With PieSync, you can have Apptivo, Google Contacts and many other cloud apps in perfect sync all the time.

You can also pick how you want to sync by deciding which fields to merge, which categories in each app should be in sync and much more.


3 Minute Setup

Select the apps you want to connect, set up the connection, then hit “Start syncing”.


You can change the sync direction, create filters to manage subsets of your contacts, sync deletions or unsubscribes, and select one of your apps to be the central database. You can also pause the sync at any time.

That’s It

Set it and forget it. You can check your dashboard to see how many contacts PieSync has added or updated for you.

How is PieSync different than Zapier?

Zapier is great for one-way data pushes. If you’re using webforms on your website and you want to push that data to your CRM, Zapier is what you need.

It is a trigger based app and will only operate when a trigger is pulled, pushing all the data to another database. But in this process, Zapier won’t check if an update is necessary and it won’t sync data.

If you try to set up a “sync” with Zapier, you’re taking a very high risk of your data being over-written. Their app isn’t built for syncing data, it’s built for, well, zapping data. So it is good for one-time data pushes.

PieSync checks to see if an update is needed and then it syncs the new data. You can also choose which app is your “source of truth” so you won’t accidentally sync the incorrect information. PieSync is great for when you want to continuously sync correct, up to date, error free information across your cloud apps.

You might want to take a look at: PieSync Vs. Zapier

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

So what are you waiting for? Start your 14-day trial today!

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