Are your favorite cloud accounting apps integrating with other business tools?

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October 30, 2018

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Unity makes strength

In business, there’s an app for everything! Every day, a new tool is created to solve a problem, save time or to make a business process more efficient. Such is the case of accounting cloud-based software.

Accountants all over the world are using cloud accounting software, especially in small and medium-size companies, and their reasons are crystal clear. This type of tool will save you time and money, adjusts to your business’ needs, doesn't require installation or maintenance, and you can have access to it from any device and anywhere.

Another great benefit of cloud-based tools is the possibility of integration with other applications. In a software stack, “unity makes strength.”

Integration is a big word. You can create an integration with various types of tools and share all sort of elements: invoices, inventory, reports, and as the base of all of the customer information. This last one should be your starting point. There’s no use in integrating your accounting software to your invoicing app or email marketing tool if the customer information there is out-of-date.

The best way to have up-to-date and squeaky-clean customer data is with a bidirectional contact sync. This type of solution ensures that whenever you add or update contact information in one app, you will have it up-to-date in the other one, and vice versa.

However, not every accounting app communicates with other business apps. But don’t worry! PieSync has a unique 2-way contact sync available for some of the most popular cloud accounting software (Sage Accounting, Zoho Books, FreshBooks, Xero and Quickbooks) . In the following chart, you can find the native or in-app integrations available within these tools. Also, discover if PieSync supports a connection between them.

Just click on PieSync's logo or on the "in-app" link to check these integration solutions!

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Note: We left out some manual import/export possibilities that these providers offer and focus on automatic syncs and/or integrations.

The business app you are searching for it's not in our chart?

Check out the apps we support for each one of these accounting tools:

Do you need more information about how to integrate your accounting software with other cloud-based tools? Write us! at or visit our Help Center.

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