How to calculate how much time PieSync will save your business

Saving time with PieSync

One of the top advantages of using an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) like PieSync is saving time.

By automatically connecting contact data between your apps, you no longer have to spend hours manually exporting and importing CSVs or solving problems caused by bad data.

Instead, the right data automatically flows between the right places – whether that's your CRM, email marketing list or contact records in your accounting software.

But how much time does PieSync really save your business? And how can you be sure it's a worthwhile investment with a real ROI?

Let's look into the numbers to decide if PieSync is worth it for your business.

Calculating how much time PieSync will save your business

Looking for the short answer? On average, PieSync saves users 3-4 hours per week.

For a more precise calculation of how much time PieSync will save your company, you can think about the main tasks that PieSync solves so you don't have to do them manually.

PieSync syncs contacts between your cloud apps two ways and in real time for any:

  • Newly created contact
  • Update to an existing contact

Without an automated solution, these tasks can be really time-consuming.

PieSync users sync on average three apps: often their CRM, an email marketing tool and an app for calling business contacts such as Google Contacts. This means that without PieSync, every time an existing contact is updated in their system (or a new one added), they would need to create or update these contacts in two other tools.

That can involve a lot of work, even if you have task batching or one-way integrations in place, as well as a high risk of human error from inputting wrong or duplicate data or forgetting to enter some contacts.

So, based on the number of sync operations PieSync enables with new entries and updates, this formula calculates an average time saved if you use PieSync to keep your contacts in sync:

Avg time saved/week = (Number of newly created contacts/week x Time to create a new contact) + (Number of updates to existing contacts/week x Time to update existing contacts)


To calculate the time required to create a new contact or update an existing one, we've tested various apps and found that it takes on average:

  • 60 seconds to create a new contact

  • 10 seconds to update an existing contact


With these averages added to our formula alongside other typical user data, it calculates an estimated 3-4 hours saved per week with PieSync.

But what if your processes aren't entirely manual?

You might currently have some one-way integrations in place, or try to maintain one master database (your CRM) and perform an import/export every week or so to update your other apps.

This is a great start, but these processes can also be time-consuming to set up, monitor and fill gaps for. They're also risky: it's easy to overwrite or delete contact data that has been updated in other apps or not reflect all of the latest information you need in each app.

For instance, a newsletter subscriber might update their email address via a Mailchimp form, which will be updated in Mailchimp but not your CRM. If an import/export is performed from CRM to Mailchimp, that new email address will be overwritten with the incorrect old one.

When it comes to your contact data, your best bet is to have a two-way, instantly updated contact sync that runs in the background of your business.

You won't have to think about your contact data, and you can just check your Health Dashboard every so often to make sure your syncs are running smoothly.

There are some use cases where an iPaaS like PieSync will save you even more time. If these apply to your business, you will likely save more than 3-4 hours a week with PieSync:

  • You have many apps to keep in sync
  • You have a lot of data flowing between your databases
  • Your contacts frequently change (such as contacts joining or leaving new lists)
  • You currently manually update tags, labels, groups or other segmentation

We know we're biased, but PieSync really does save our users time and money as well as cutting out the hassle on contact management.

There's also a high value to having correct and up-to-date contact information across all your business apps – including more accurate and enriched data reporting.

Get started with a 14-day trial so you can start setting up your connections and test all of PieSync's functionality for free.

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Lucy Fuggle writes for PieSync, the two-way contact sync tool for hundreds of apps. She also works with her clients to make their brand matter with a content-rich marketing strategy.