Best Real Estate CRMs starting from $10 per month

January 31, 2017
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[“Features”,”Contactually “,”Pipedrive “,”WiseAgent “,”Top Producer “,”Follow Up B [oss”],[“Ease of use \/ Set up”,”Very Easy “,”Easy”,”Easy”,”Moderate”,”Very Easy”],[“Activity Manager (call log, tasks, events)”,”\u2714 “,””,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Cloud-based”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Contact organization”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Email Marketing Automation”,”\u2714 “,””,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Website lead capture”,”DiverseSolution,\, IDX Broker, Lead Router\nLeads Today,, \nRemax, Trulia,\nZillow”,””,”Lead Capture Form”,”Collects leads from over 100 sources”,”DiverseSolution,\, IDX Broker, Lead Router\nLeads Today,, \nRemax, Trulia,\nZillow + many more”],[“Pipeline Management”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,””,”\u2714 “,””],[“Reporting”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,””,”\u2714 “],[“Customization”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,””,””,”\u2714 “],[“Email Sync”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Calendar Sync”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,””],[“Social Media Integration”,”\u2714 “,””,”\u2714 “,””,””],[“MLS Integration”,””,””,””,”\u2714 “,””],[“Mobile App”,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “,”\u2714 “],[“Pricing”,”From $39\/month”,”From $10\/month”,”From $27\/month”,”from $40\/month”,”from $79\/month”]]

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