Big Red’s Equipment uses PieSync to keep Pipedrive, Drip, Contacts+ and Intercom in sync

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July 13, 2018


“Using PieSync helped us to bring our Marketing team closer to our Sales team. Now they are both looking at the same data, which recreates a full profile of our clients.” Tim Berman, Owner & Growth Evangelist at Big Red’s Equipment.

About Big Red’s Equipment

Located in Granbury, Texas- Big Red’s Equipment provides quality equipment for the agricultural sector across the United States. The store offers a variety of brands and a wide catalogue of machinery and utilities next to a customized attention.

“Funny name, serious sandwich”

Big Red’s Equipment, is a family owned farm equipment dealership run by Tim Berman. The family heritage can be found in the name of the business - “Big Red” was Tim’s grandfather. Tim likes to use the slogan of Texas’ very own Schlotzsky’s Sandwiches to talk about his business: “Funny name, serious sandwich,” he laughs.

The store ofers a variety of brands and a wide catalogue of new and preowned equipment, while also providing highly-personalized attention to their customers.

PieSync is mostly used by Small Businesses with a Big Vision. Big Red’s Equipment fits the bill on this front. What started out as a small family-owned motor store selling used equipment, has now become a booming business, selling farm equipment to landowners and other agricultural players across the United States.

This is how PieSync helped.

The Challenge

After Big Red’s Equipment squared of the local market, they realized they needed to expand, which meant going digital. “As we grew up, we realized the best way to reach out to potential clients was digitally. That’s why we started to experiment with several marketing tools,” says Tim.

One Big Red’s Equipment’s crucial tools is Pipedrive. This CRM helps to manage and visualize the business’s sales pipeline in a simple way. It ofers a clear overview of leads and deals, enabling Big Red’s Equipment to prioritize tasks efficiently and efectively reach out to potential customers. “The initial settings were intuitive and the team picked it up pretty easily,” recalls Tim.

The next step was to establish a solid channel of communication with the customers.

After trying a couple Email Marketing tools, they discovered Drip. Thanks to its Email Marketing Automation, Drip provided a simple way of capturing email addresses and tagging customers and prospects. The team could then nurture leads using drip email campaigns.

Eventually, they started using Intercom’s Live Chat for Sales, and Contacts+ (formerly FullContact) as a way to enrich their Customer Database.

But as they started to collect more and more customer information, Tim detected a problem: “Our data was everywhere, it was isolated. We had contacts in our personal emails, Pipedrive, Email Marketing tool, etc. We knew we had to centralize our contact information, and the answer was integration.”

How PieSync Helped

“My idea was to set Pipedrive as my single source of truth and that all the other apps could complement it with valuable information.”

Tim discovered that Drip and Pipedrive have a one-way integration, but it was not enough for what he needed.

Before PieSync, Tim tried several alternatives that didn’t solve his integration problem: “First we used Zapier, but then I realized that if I change a contact’s information after the zap was set, it doesn’t get updated.” He quickly realized needed a 2-way contact sync solution.

“With PieSync I was up and running in just a couple minutes, it was really fast”, he said.

The most interesting aspect about the setup with PieSync, is that everything is calibrated for their marketing strategy. Highly-personalized marketing communications is central to their strategy.

In order to accomplish this, the tea use tags to segment and share customer contact data between Pipedrive and Drip. Segmentation includes data such as location and specific details related to behavior.

To ensure a full integration with Drip and Pipedrive they use PieSync’s Custom Fields. The Custom Fields feature allows Tim and his team to map fields between apps, such as: Lead Score, Social Information, information about the purchase and other behavioral tags.

“We are adding new fields in Drip and Pipedrive constantly. Thanks to the Custom Fields feature, we just map them in seconds. It’s very easy, it’s like connecting the dots.”

The big question is: How does PieSync work for Big Red’s Equipment?

Firstly while using PieSync, in conjunction with the other tools, they saw a massive increase in sales.

“As we started working with digital marketing we grew a lot faster, we quadrupled the sales in the last 5 years with the same amount of staf,” said Tim.

PieSync also helped the team internally, by bringing sales and marketing onto the same page. “Using PieSync also helped us to bring our Marketing team closer to our Sales team. Now they are both looking at the same data, which recreates a full profile of our clients,” said Tim.

For the future

Big Red’s Equipment is unstoppable, they plan to continue to expand their business and still maintain the highly-personalized customer service that they’re famous for.

Tim and his team believe that the success of their Marketing and Sales eforts is related to their ability to establish a one-on-one conversation with their customers and their prospects. PieSync helps them achieve this goal, by ensuring that the entire team has access to the most up to date customer data, when they need it most.

Big Red’s Equipment plan to keep on innovating and searching for the most cutting-edge digital marketing tools to work with. Tim keeps an eye on PieSync’s weekly new supported app launches for inspiration in this endeavour.

He believes PieSync is part of his business’s success: “PieSync made a simple but powerful tool. I hope Big Red’s case encourages more motor stores and small business to look at digital solutions. Because it just works and their businesses will grow.”

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