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December 1, 2017


BombBomb + Follow Up Boss Integration. Create Highly Personalized Video Email Campaigns with this PieSync guideline

Let’s get started!

First, you need the following things to get started:

  • 1 segmented lists of carefully curated contacts in Follow Up Boss, each of which is set up as either a buyer or a seller.

  • in BombBomb, separate contact lists for either buyers or sellers so you are sending the right message to the right persona.

On the righthand side of this screenshot, you can see the empty lists in BombBomb. FollowUpBoss BombBomb Lists

When you set up a sync with BombBomb ( find out how here), PieSync immediately asks you which lists you want to sync.

In this example, I have selected the lists “Buyers” in Follow Up Boss and “Buyers Brussels Area” in BombBomb.

These are the lists I am going to ask PieSync to synchronize between the two apps. BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

After you have selected your lists, you will need to configure the “rules” of the sync. These rules tell PieSync how you want your sync to operate.

You will always begin with two rules that represent the two-way sync: You read this as follows: all the contacts in Follow Up Boss will be synced to BombBomb, and all the contacts in BombBomb will be synced to Follow Up Boss.

Filter your syncs based on Follow Up Boss Stages

However… That’s not exactly how we want to our real estate communication. We want to make our communication more nuanced, by using segments.

The first sync rule needs tweaking. We need to tell PieSync to select the right leads/customers from FollowUpBoss, namely only the segment that containers our list of buyers.

We can filter the sync between Follow Up Boss and BombBomb by filtering on Stage.

In this example, I select from the drop-down menu that if a contact is in Follow Up Boss and “Stage” equals “Buyer” then PieSync syncs those contacts between Follow Up Boss and BombBomb.That’s all there is to it!

BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

You will need to repeat this step when you set up a separate sync to your Sellers list or other lists you wish to segment.

Sync BombBomb Email Activity to Follow Up Boss

Then, set up a loop from BombBomb back into FollowUpBoss, so that information that BombBomb receives is passed back to Follow Up Boss.

For example, when BombBomb recipients mark messages as spam, or something goes wrong in the delivery, they are added to your Suppression list in BombBomb.

This is relevant information to have available in Follow Up Boss so that next time you go to send an email, you know if your contact wants to hear from you.

What I have done in this case is have PieSync apply a tag to the contact in Follow Up Boss using our if-this-then-that rules.

I configure the sync to do this “ IF a contact is in BombBomb List and had been suppressed THEN add Tag BB Suppressed”

BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

Sync your BombBomb Relationship Scores to FollowUpBoss

If you’ve got a large email list, it’s not always easy to find out who are your most engaged subscribers.

Luckily, BombBomb keeps track of your subscribers engagement with its relationship score.

This is information that should be in Follow Up Boss, so you can know who to contact first when sifting through long lists of leads to call.

First, make a custom field in FollowUpBoss:BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

Then through PieSync’s custom mapping, you can have BombBomb’s relationship score fed back into Follow Up Boss into the custom field you have just created.

BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

Make sure that in Follow Up Boss, you have your contact views include the column with your custom field. This is for easy sorting and it’s so easy to do: BombBomb FollowUpBoss Integration

PieSync Guidelines for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

That’s it! If you want to discover more PieSync Guidelines for Real Estate, take a look at our recipe book:

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