Webinar: Video Marketing and the Realtor Cloud Software Stack! [RECORDING]

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October 2, 2018


Amazing Webinar Alert!

Last week, we joined Alicia Berruti from BombBomb, and tech-savvy realtor Jay Marks to talk about the method and tools he is using to obtain his amazing sales results and boost his productivity.

Did you miss out? Don't worry! Here's the recording for you:

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What video marketing is and why it can drastically improve your open rates
  • How video marketing can be applied to real estate
  • What software does an 'organized' realtor use?
  • How do you make it work?

BombBomb and PieSync: A powerful combination for realtors!

BombBomb allows you to easily record and send video emails from Gmail, mobile or web. While PieSync helps you combine BombBomb and other cloud-based apps to have an effective workflow between your different teams. Wondering how does this work for realtors?

The average consumer wants to work with the very first real estate professional they meet face-to-face. When you send out a video, you get the opportunity to start that right away.

Video offers a more honest and authentic way to communicate. BombBomb gives real estate agents the ability to reach out with the full benefits of communication through channels they are already using, like email or text. - Alicia Berruti, National Speaker - BombBomb

As a matter of fact, 92% of people say BombBomb help them stay in touch more effectively and 83.8% of people using BombBomb in Gmail assures to get more replies.

On the other hand, PieSync's contact sync solution makes data management a lot easier, accurate, and it saves you a lot of time! The service allows you to sync contacts two-way between cloud-based apps (such as BombBomb) in real time. Which means that whenever you add or update contact information in either app, it will be automatically updated in the other one. This guarantees your data is always up-to-date and free of duplicates across your SaaS stack.

This level of data integrity, enables you to combine the intelligence and power of your different tools for a 360° view of your customers.

Jay Marks is already obtaining the benefits of this killer combination between PieSync and BombBomb:

PieSync has been an incredible tool for my company. It has enabled us to take all the applications we use and combine them to keep our data streamlined. I highly recommend you to start with PieSync today!

bombbomb followupboss dotloop

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