Boost your Benchmark email campaigns with the native PieSync integration

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September 4, 2018

As an email marketing cloud app catering towards small businesses, it’s no surprise that Benchmark is among the most popular tools available today. Over 500,000 users use Benchmark to communicate with their customers. With this app you can easily create your own custom email marketing campaigns, track your results and automate your workflow.

Benchmark offers integrations with apps such as Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress and many more to boost your campaign even further. And it gets even better!

Drumroll please!

As of today, PieSync will be available as a native integration in your favorite email marketing tool. We are very excited about this. It means you can set up your two-way, real-time contact sync with more than 100 popular cloud apps from within the Benchmark dashboard.


Why would you use PieSync to connect all your favorite business apps with Benchmark?

Well, imagine this:

Do you use a separate marketing automation app but you rely on Benchmark for e-mail delivery? PieSync’s your favorite tool. With the apps you can continuously inject leads from landing pages, but keep their subscription statuses in sync and have them move them across Benchmark lists based on their marketing journey.

Is there a CRM in your business alongside Benchmark? Use PieSync to dynamically sync new (but also all existing!) subscribers inside your CRM as leads or contacts without creating messy duplicates.

Need some remote control over your Benchmark mailing list from within Google Contacts or Outlook 365? Set up a 2-way sync with PieSync towards your Benchmark lists and manage them from Gsuite or Outlook, or even from your phone’s contact list!

Can’t wait to start connecting Benchmark with your favorite cloud apps? Go to your Benchmark dashboard to use the built-in connections.

Need help setting everything up? We put together a helpful guide to walk you through your set up.

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