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July 18, 2017

Customer Profile

A Customer Profile is a portrait of your typical clients or buyers. Depending on the offer, there can be various profiles associated with the same product or service. Being aware and attending to all of these segments can give you a leg up in the Market. One of the first steps to creating a Marketing Plan is to determine the target and establish who your customers are. This key step will be the base for marketing and sales actions, media planning, etc. If your customer profiles are accurate enough, you can guarantee better product development and an effective promotion of your products or services.

Benefits of having a proper customer profile

Be in the right place : If you know who your customer is, you can predict where he will be: which TV Channel he will watch, which newspaper he will read, which shopping street or mall he will visit, etc. Adjust your product to their needs: The Ideal Customer Profile will determine the features and functionality of your products and services. Only by having a proper profile, you will be able to adjust your offer to the real needs and/or wishes of your customer. Talk their language : Knowing your customer allows you to address him in his own words. If you know how he talks to his friends and family, you can also adjust the lingo of your communications to words he can relate to.

How to build a customer profile?

With this infographic, you can ask yourself the right questions about your customer. Following every step, you will get closer to that desired portrait of your customer. In addition to the tips in the infographic, we recommend for you to be creative while creating customer profiles. Give them a name, a story to put them into context, search for photos of them, etc. There are no limits, have fun with it. Cheers!

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