Chicken Soup for The Real Estate Agent's Soul: Online Marketing Tactics for Real Estate That Worked In 2018

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February 7, 2019

You've probably browsed the internet trying to buy clothes, food, gadgets, or even a car. Almost every product you can think of is available online.

If you’re a business owner, you must not think twice to make your products or services visible online. Online marketing has made its mark as one of the most effective ways to reach clients. In the real estate business, this is especially true. However, having internet presence does not necessarily mean everything will work out fine. Simply setting up your website is not enough.

Think of the internet as a battlefield. Remember, all your competitors are also online. The question is, how are you going to separate yourself from the rest, and be ahead of them?

Here are some of the online marketing tactics that prove to have worked well in 2018.

1. Bowery Uses Cloud Computing Technology As Part of Its Appraisal System

Okay, wait. Before you question me about this, let me first explain. It doesn’t have anything to do with the clouds you see in the sky. When you hear the term cloud computing, it simply means storing, managing, processing, and delivering data over the internet.

If you want your business to tap on technology but you’re not sure how to start, this is a great opportunity. It provides value in terms of lead and marketing management, mobility, cost efficiency, security, and scalability. Through this, you can capture leads, track results, and automate communications.

Cloud-based applications usually enable you to share your customers’ data can be seen across all your devices and tools either natively or through third-party solutions. For instance, if you want to sync contacts between dotloop and Keap or between BombBomb and Follow up Boss, you can use PieSync to connect them. You won’t have to manually import and export your contact lists. This way, you will save up much of your time.

U.S. based company, Bowery, and thousand other real estate agencies have a 100% cloud-based software stack. The company’s appraisers are provided with software and applications that allow them to perform their duties faster than the company’s competitors.

2. Chad Horkan Doubled His Sales With Zillow

As a real estate agent, you know the hardship of looking for the right client for your business. It’s an industry where you have to research a lot in terms of income, geography, and behavior of the people. I’m sure you want your sale to surge this year, but with all the research and data gathering, will you have time for actually selling?

Don’t worry because the world’s largest real estate website got your back. There’s no better way to market your business than be in a crowd of buyers and sellers – Zillow. Making your profile is easy and free.

Chad Horkan is a lender who first doubted Zillow. But now, he is already using the platform for the third year. His production doubled even though there have been fluctuations in the market.

3. Meridio.Co Used Blockchain Technology To Upend The New York Real Estate Market

You did not expect blockchain to be in the list, did you? Originally created to support bitcoin, blockchain has posed many opportunities to the external environment including real estate.

Blockchain can greatly help in cutting transaction cost because it eliminates intermediaries. It also improves liquidity and lesser opportunity for crime and fraud. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs and investors will also have a chance to participate in the real estate market.

Although blockchain as a means of negotiation isn’t fully accepted yet, there are already real estate companies that use it. According to a report from Real Deal, London-based real estate firm, Laeseum Partners, plans to raise $250 million to tokenize real estate investment fund.

4. Red Door Atlanta and Great Life RE Use VR To Tour Leads

It’s almost impossible for anyone not to know what virtual reality is. It’s the perfect technology for a real estate business, don’t you think? Many realtors are already using this technology in their business. Among them are Carrie Smith Qualters, leader of Red Door Atlanta team, and Eleanor Cippel, co-founder and managing broker of Tennessee brokerage Great Life RE.

Looking at a property through pictures does not give much excitement to the buyer. Let them view the property through virtual reality. Hit their emotion by letting them have a feel in their future house. Allow them to get immersed to it, navigate through it, and surely, that sale is yours.

5. Napa Valley Real Estate Specialist, Ginger Martin and Real Estate Agent and Broker, Teresa Boardman Fuels Search Ranking Through SEO

If you’re really serious in increasing your sale, make your business appear on top of the search engines when buyers search for properties. Do you think it’s impossible? With SEO, it’s possible!

In doing so, you need to have knowledge about SEO. If you don’t have time to study it, there’s no problem, you can always hire an expert. To succeed with this strategy, here’s a guideline on how you do it.

The modern way of home searching is starting the search online. When you search for something on Google, which among the results do you usually click? It’s the first one, right? You want buyers to do the same when they see your website on top. If you don’t appear on the top three, or even on the first page of the search query, then you’re losing your business.

Ginger Martin, a real estate specialist of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, uses SEO to increase their search rankings.

Another testimonial to how SEO works as a proven online marketing tool is Teresa Boardman, a real estate agent and broker in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her St. Paul Real Estate Blog gets 3,000 to 5,000 visits per week. Her blog has won various awards, and her success has even reached Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Boston Globe.

Search engine optimization or SEO was created to improve your online presence. With the right keywords and application of SEO best practices, you’ll get your way to the top!

6. Bedrock Real Estate Campaigns Real Estate Purchases Through Video Marketing, “Anthem of Us” Featuring Big Sean

Video marketing is a powerful online marketing strategy when it comes to real estate. Data by Wyzowl shows that 84% of consumers choose to buy something after watching a video. Another statistic conducted by Cisco shows that by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.

Compared to other marketing tools, video marketing has proven to be effective. It will continue to dominate the real estate marketing techniques in the future. This only means that you should be creative in making videos. Make it fun, genuine, and professional so it appeals to your audience.

Bedrock Real Estate for example, used video marketing to enhance sales in the Detroit metro area. The company featured Big Sean to be part of the marketing video, showcasing the population of the city.

7. Gregory Corman Utilizes IDX Search Box To Provide Relevant Content To Visitors

When visitors go to a website, they are welcomed by all the available options of the page. This may be overwhelming and confusing to them. Ultimately, it leads them to leave the page. IDX search box is a solution to this.

A real estate website must have an IDX search box because it allows users to filter their search. IDX is different from SEO. It only refines the specific information you’re looking for. It will not increase the ranking of your website in the search engines unless you add optimization. To do this, you need to add contents that are relevant to your website.

Gregory Corman, agent, knows how to utilize IDX. He uses it to provide his visitors with information about the overall package of the properties such as the community, lifestyle, and housing options, in an organized way.

8. Jonathan Mack, CEO of Mack Real Estate, Tripled His Leads After 1 Year of Video Marketing on Facebook

Conducting seminars for both buyers and sellers is important not just to inform them about the properties itself, but to show them how skilled you are in the real estate business. It’s a great way to showcase your services as an agent. However, because we are already in the digital age, seminars have become obsolete.

The online world has so much room for marketing, so why not use it? Webinars and online workshops are what’s in these days. Think about it, isn’t it actually better than hosting a seminar? It will save you a lot of money because you don’t have to rent space, prepare chairs, and travel to the venue.

It’s an avenue where it introduces you to a much wider audience. Which means, more leads that can possibly turn as your customers. You just need to choose the right webinar tool so that both you and the viewers will have an excellent learning experience.

Jonathan Mack, CEO of Mack Real Estate in San Diego, is a testament to becoming successful because of Webinar. After one year of using video marketing on Facebook, he was able to triple his leads!

9. Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, also known as “engagement marketing”, is a marketing strategy that engages customers to live activities such as sampling programs, new product launch, PR event, in-store experiences, or any other event that includes the physical presence of the customer.

Why is it a good marketing tactic? Well, selling something to someone is more than just explaining the product itself. You also have to learn how to touch their emotions, and let them feel how it will be like when they purchase that item. Let them picture themselves living in that moment, and when you see a smile on their faces, it’s not a question, you just made a sale.

The Event Marketing Institute recently conducted a study, and found out that 98% of consumers capture content at live events, and 100% of those who capture content share it across their social media networks.

Experiential marketing doesn’t only let the attendees feel the moment, but it also allows them to share the activity through social media. It’s a good way to advertise your business for free! One way to do this kind of marketing technique is to host an event related to your field such as conducting a free seminar for first time buyers.

Key Takeaways

All of these have proven to make a change in the way real estate agents make their sale. Cloud computing technology, Zillow, blockchain technology, VR, SEO, video marketing, IDX, influencer and experiential marketing, and the overall use of online marketing tactics show that the online world is limitless. It has evolved and will continue to evolve in the following years to come.

There will be new tools to be introduced, and you’re always allowed to use them as long as it contributes to the success of your business. There’s no harm in trying, isn’t it? If your current ways of doing business are great, keep doing it. If you think you will do better with online marketing, learn from it and apply it.

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