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September 13, 2018

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Good news! We've partnered up with CiraSync to offer Outlook and Microsoft Exchange customers a powerful solution for contact syncing between their Global Address List, their Public Folders and other Outlook environments such as their personal contact folder or even external cloud-based applications.

The extraordinary combination between CiraSync and PieSync, allows you to get the most out of the data you gather in Exchange or Outlook.

CiraSync + PieSync

CiraSync enables you to sync your Office 365 contacts to iPhone and Android users in about a minute. Meanwhile, PieSync allows you to sync your contacts with more than 130+ cloud apps based on your customized parameters. PieSync’s method is to continually check and understand the data in both apps to sync according to your exact needs and criteria.

Plus, during the initial sync, the service matches the existing historical data between the two systems and merges your duplicate contacts.

CiraSync comes in two flavors, a free edition and an enterprise edition. Even without PieSync, Outlook and Exchange administrators will want to check out CiraSync Enterprise Edition. With CiraSync EE you will get a powerful administrative tool to assist in copying over contact lists into large numbers of Outlook mailboxes.

By combining the power of both PieSync and CiraSync, you can create a variety of data flows with your Outlook or Exchange contacts for marketing or sales purposes.

After a seamless setup, you can just let both apps working in the background for you.

Learn more about in our Help Center!

Use Cases

CiraSync and PieSync know that every business has its own structure and it needs customized solutions. That's why both services offer a "toolbox" with all the necessary features for their customers to build up their personalized connections.

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Among the dozens of different uses you can give to this partnership, we've gathered a couple of common scenarios:

1. Sync the GAL to MailChimp

You and your teams are collecting valuable contact information in your Office 365 environment and in other apps, but if you are not able to share effectively that data between teams, you are losing that essential 360 view of your customer. With the CiraSync + PieSync killer combination, you can have all or a selection of GAL contacts pushed in near real time towards a MailChimp mailing list.

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Not conviced yet? Rutger van Bostelen, Director of ICT at Prooleiden/OBSG is already using combining the power of these sync solutions. This is what he told us:

"The Global Address List (GAL) of our Primary School Foundation grows with new staff on a daily basis. I need personnel added to a MailChimp mailing list constantly. Using this unique combination of CiraSync & PieSync saves us lots of time. An up to date mailing list synced from Exchange towards MailChimp, perfectly segmented!"

Start Syncing MailChimp and Outlook!

2. Sync the GAL to RingCentral

RingCentral is powerful VOIP software but true 'caller ID' will only function properly if the RingCentral extension is populated with contacts. Several CRM's can be hooked up to RingCentral so your customers are sent directly to your phone, but what about data that is lodged deep inside the Global Address List (GAL)? CiraSync to the rescue!

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Start Syncing Outlook and RingCentral!

3. Sync Public Folders to Teamwork Projects

PieSync functions like a bridge for you contacts to stay in sync between Outlook and 130+ cloud apps. Project management software like Podio or Teamwork Projects will only function properly if they are enriched with the most up to date contact data of the projects stake holders. If that contacts data is is pooled together inside a public folder, you need the combination of Cirasync & PieSync.

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Start Syncing Teamwork Projects and Outlook

See how it works!

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