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August 23, 2019


Insightly is one of the leading CRMs for small businesses. This powerful, user-friendly tool has great functionality and gives you the option to integrate with other popular cloud apps such as Google Apps and Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an extensive email marketing tool, and probably one of the most versatile ones out there! It allows you to create targeted campaigns, newsletters and automated messages; and it comes with a broad range of excellent and customizable templates and pre-made campaigns.

If you’re using Insightly and Mailchimp side by side, you can probably picture how valuable it would be to have these apps communicating with each other in real time. For one thing, this would allow you to keep all your data integrated and up-to-date, saving you hours of manual data entry and avoiding miscommunication headaches. That’s where PieSync comes in: we help you create an intelligent, two-way sync between these two apps and many others!

Importing contacts directly from Mailchimp

Insightly offers the opportunity to import contacts or leads directly from Mailchimp. You select a certain audience and a certain segment to import.

All the selected contacts will go from Mailchimp into Insightly and once the import is finished, you receive an email. All these contacts will be tagged with “MC_” followed with the contact name. Insightly will check first if there is a duplicate, and if there is one, the contact won’t be imported or updated.

However, this is just a one-way sync and lacks some controls. For example, you cannot sync new or existing contacts that you collect through Insightly into Mailchimp.

How can PieSync help?

With PieSync, you can make a two-way, real-time connection between Insightly, Mailchimp and several other cloud apps you may use. Prior to moving contacts from one side to the other, PieSync will check several things:

  • Who is in the Insightly database?
  • Who is on which Mailchimp list?
  • Who is in both apps?
  • Who should be subscribed? Who shouldn’t be subscribed at all?

This scan is needed so the sync can also act on historical data. Then, according to the sync rules you specify, PieSync will match up your Insightly database with your Mailchimp lists. Furthermore, it’s not a one-time thing. Contacts evolve constantly, so PieSync keeps them in sync moving forward.

“PieSync will update both databases when you have a new subscriber in either system, and it will constantly check for updates to overwrite the information whenever a change is made.”

This means that you won’t ever have to worry about manually importing or exporting data again, and no more duplicates or outdated data!

Sounds great, let’s get started!

Setting up a sync between Insightly and Mailchimp is super easy!

A popup will open inside PieSync so you can log in to each platform. This brings you to the sync setup, where you can leave everything in its default settings or set up some custom syncs.

For Insightly, you’ll first have to choose if you want to sync your contacts or your leads. If you want to sync both, just set up a second sync.


The default setting of a sync is always a two-way sync. This means that you allow PieSync to transfer changes you make to contacts in Mailchimp as well as in Insightly.

We recommend you keep this two-way setting. Make sure you understand the two rules that you start off with by default. These rules mean that:

  • All contacts in Mailchimp will go into Insightly, so that may include people who have unsubscribed in the past.
  • All contacts in Insightly will go into Mailchimp, so you’re running the risk of subscribing people that didn’t give you opt-in permission at all.

To avoid unwanted scenarios, you can apply filters or turn off any of these two rules if they don’t fit your workflow.

Sync these two apps

What are filters and actions?

Filters and actions allow you to customize your sync settings. For instance, consider the following example where contacts in the Mailchimp group ‘Newsletter Pie’ are tagged with Pie Lover in Insightly.


At the bottom, you also have the option to consider your rule in the other way around.

As you can see, these ‘if-then’ rules are very easy to create, so you can create any rules, filters and actions to fit your needs perfectly.

Every contact that you add or edit that matches your filters will get synced in no more than 5 minutes.

How can I follow my sync?

You can follow the progress of your sync on your dashboard as shown below - you can see contacts being created on both sides, where updates are happening, and you can pause the sync at any time.

dashboard insightly-mailchimp

We hope you’re all set now! If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to reach out to us at our help center.

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